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Oh Hayden.. Why?

I think Hayden Panettiere might have been typecast on Heroes. Why? She played a cheerleader before, in a movie never seen by human eyes. See for yourself as she attempts to “crump” in the uber-terrible straight to DVD Bring it On: All or Nothing.

My guess is you won’t make it through this entire clip. It’s waaaaaay too awful. Seriously.

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  • Yeah….you hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t finish it…it was too horrible. I now officially hate everyone that had anything to ever do with this movie.

  • I managed to get through it, thanks to my long-standing desire to bang Hayden until one or the other or both of us scream for mercy.

  • Mon dieu, that was terrible. You were right, I couldn’t finish it. I didn’t think it’d be that bad. That was just embarrassing for all, especially the grunts. Anyone think her stunt double was Chris Kattan?

  • I listened with the sound off as well…..I think doing that helps immensely to see the sheer ridiculousness out till the end of the clip. Stunningly horrible moves!

  • i thought i’d be able to get thru it, since i liked the first movie so much, how bad could the second one really be???

    well, if it’s a tenth as bad as that clip – i’m officially terrified.

    so – is that considered choreography???

  • Those black girls that really can dance were probably laughing til they pissed their pants at her!!!!!