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Creative Age Publications 1 : Perez Hilton 0


Perez Hilton has finally backed down from his logo fight with Creative Age Publications who claim that he stole his logo from a Nailpro Catalogue that they produce.

How the hell did Perez steal a Nailpro photo? I’m very confused here but still it is kind of funny that he had to change his whole banner because of all of this. Maybe this is the beginning of the end for Perez. He seems to get hit with lawsuits every day.

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  • Looks like he went ahead and put it right back up today. And here I was about to give him credit for having scruples for once.

  • It was down when I was last on Perez. He now has this “bald-robot-shemale ” promoting vodka with the logo saying something to the fact ” You don’t know who your baby daddy is?”
    that says alot for the younger peeps that visit his site. Shame on him for promoting that. Just take a look, it’s fugly!!

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