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Really, Paris?

Paris Hilton with Bible

Get a backpack.

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  •! Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 7:57 am
    I always wonder about Paris…..
    Paris: “So, I bet like if I carry a bible and look all sophisticated and mature…I sooo could maybe like get that pardon thingy and ditch jail because jail is NOT HOT…Arnold Swartzenegger is such an ass hole…like he thinks I’m not important…I’d like to think I’m a princess…damn, I wonder If I can wear my tiara and bring Tink like when I go to jail…shit, that would be so hot! Maybe Nicole will get charged for her DUI and be in like the same jail…but i don’t wanna share a room with her because she’s only my BFF sometimes…the other times I don’t like her…bitch…LOVE U NICOLE!!”

    Oh I did her well…she probably doesn’t even know how to say sophisticated…LOL…why does she wear those long extensions and just wont grow her hair long?? Or is it that her hair can’t grow??

  • bahaha. i love how both books are perfectly angled so that when photographed we all see what a deep person paris really is…