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I Was Going to Have a Film Career, But Then I Got High


Mischa Barton hits the Mary Jane — again — in Cannes. Sometimes a girl just needs a break from a busy schedule of hawking Keds.

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  • Mischa Barton is a waste of good air that could better be used by an actor with some semblance of talent. She’s a third-rate hack who has always gotten by on her looks and flirty attitude. She plays the same character in every role she has done, she has no work ethic, and even the production crew members think she’s a two-bit punk. I can say this with certainty because I worked on one of those crews.

    The too-cool-for-school Ms. Barton’s 15 minutes of fame will be over before she can finish her next jay. And then, I predict, she will either do low-grade porn or she will be asking, “Want fries with that?”

  • She is such a newbie, she can’t even roll a decent spleef. I’ve been rolling some 33 odd years and I can roll cigarette quality. I once rolled, while driving with my knee, up the Sandia Mountain Pass in New Mexico back in 1976. I could tell a thousand stories…and I bet you could too.

    But thats not the point. THE POINT IS that while we are indulging ourselves to get blitzed, the enemy out there is slithering in like a giant anaconda. And we don’t even notice, them creeping up behind us. I quit all drugs back on September 11, 2001…when we were attacked. For me it was time to sober up and acess the situation about where we really are headed…and that there really is a God and we will have to face him, with a the rotten decisions we have made and all the people we blame, when it really comes down to accepting the blame for where we are, ourselves.

    America, you need to get a grip on reality, because life as we know it doesn’t continue in our favor forever. You need to be ready for the curves that the enemy will throw you.

    Life doesn’t last forever and we as a people have used up just about all the time we have.

    I urge the Movie heads and powers that be, in Hollywood, to trash all these worthless drug users, as they will only sell a worthless image of you to the public. Find some actors that can really act and stay sober as they make millions at the top of the world. They are the ambassadors of rest of us. And if they can’t project a worthy image, it’s time to drop them from the list of the prestigeous. No longer should they make a millionaire’s salary when they act like poor begging losers.

  • Im very disapointed with that picture.All “stars” have the same end.But i can’t understand the reason why all these famous people smoke marihouana.what do they understand with that?their life will go better if they “smoke”?i dont get it.especially Mischa Barton, i admired her a lot.But after that… i’m afraid that she will be like Paris hilton…Oh my God!

  • there’s nothing wrong with hittin the magic dragon now and again, it wont make anything better in the long run, but for the moment its fun and relaxing.. live and let live..

  • there is absolutely nothing wrong with smoking pot. its a plant, and in california its legal. thats like where she lives or something. seriously you guys need to get over it. its just pot. that does not degrade her at all. you cant say anything about something that you have never tried. you are all close minded and in this small little bubble. that reality alot of people smoke it. i dont understand why you guys think that people smoke to get rid of their problems, because that is just the most stupidest concept i have ever heard in my life. its fun and relaxing. wanda is right. so sit back and enjoy the boat ride.

  • Americans used to take pride in their craftmanship. This joint just shows how sloppy we have become. I’d hate to see her “blunt”.

  • I completely disagree with the whole idea that pot is such a “bad” thing. Apparently you’ve all done it at least once in your lives or you wouldn’t be making some pathetic remark for attention about it. So just shut up and leave people alone, find something better to do.

  • guys…chill out.
    1. who cares, it’s weed and if she did it to take away problems we’d all know about it…she’s just chillaxing.
    2. she can act…not the best but she didn’t get a main part in one of the most popular tv shows for nothing. u may say she doesnt say much…she’s a balls actress, but that’s marissa cooper for u…a quiet brooding type. i think people assume mischa and marissa are the same person. look at notting hill…she had talent when she was like 7!
    3. who cares if it’s not the best rolled joint ever. i can’t roll for toffee but i still do it…for fun, not to “escape from my sorrows etc etc etc”.
    leave her alone.
    if she reas this i’m sure she’d think u were all lame.

  • come on! She is so not ending up working at McDonalds or something like that.
    What is OC without her ? She IS OC and if she wants to smoke pot, isn’t that really her own decision etc.?
    And she can act, so just get over it!

  • has no one else noticed that the O.C survived three seasons with her and then as soon as she left it, it tanked after sixteen episodes.

  • Get the hell over it, why is this such a problem. Leave the girl alone. She is not the only person in the whole world to smoke cannabis, and it’s not like she is doing it simply because she thinks her life is a stressful one. I’m sure she is just doing what most other young people do and that’s just that she wants to get high. I know I and my group of my friends don’t do it because we feel stressed.

    She can do what she wants, and I’m sure all of you wouldn’t be complaining about being famous for “nothing” and living the life she has. I’d say she was pretty lucky. So what if it doesn’t work, atleast she had her time

  • who cares? let her live!
    i don’t know why they don’t just make pot legal all over, almost everybody smokes it anyways

  • Are u ppl insane the girl smokes a joint and u applaud her! It’s her life but don’t cheer the bad stuff she does. If she needs to “chillax” go one a cruis not smoke pot! And who cares how she rolls its still being inhaled anyway. Whats next r u gonna cheer her on as she sniffs crack? when she dies wat r u gonna say then i kno wat im gonna say ” i told u to take yoga or something….not smoke pot.” WTF is wrong with u ppl!!!!!??! have u lost ur minds>!!!!!!

  • Weed isn’t at all bad! Why, some of you might ask?! Well:
    1. It’s all natural! Straight from the ground and into your pipe… Or brownies!
    2. It’s not addictin; though some people get into the habit of smoking it all the time… Thus STONERS.
    3. It’s used legally for many medical purposes: arthritis, anxiety, trauma relief, so it OBVIOUSLY doesn’t cause THAT much damage to you
    4. The real damage comes from inhaling all that smoke. Which is why pot a perfect for baked goods.
    5. Look at The Beatles! And every other great singer/songwriter and artist! Without weed Bob Dylan and John Lennon wouldn’t have been quite the poets

    Basically, everything you do should be in moderation. But seeing as how Barton’s career has all but disappeared since she was killed off on t.v I say to he’ll with it. Light’r up Mischa. There’s always Vh1 reality! …or rehab.

  • oh jesus give her a break. so she smokes so WHT/??
    and all of that comments” ohe she sux is just jelousy.
    get over yourself ppl.

  • Holy moses. I idolize Mischa Barton. So what if she was caught doing that. Shes still a good role model. Like wow.

  • are you serious? you people who are saying ” oh she is still a good girl…all she does is smoke some weed” are just stupid and must do it yourselves. its not hard not to and you know it is bad so stop trying to defend her. if you do that you are stupid and just think you can do anything and that it is all good. well…reality check!!!! you guys have no life ahead of you and at the rate she is going neither does she!!!

  • yo girlfriend..
    you are so naughty!..
    last night..
    oh my gosh..
    it was so much fun.
    haha..this is what went down..
    we were at this club. and the next thing you know is she gets on the pole! someone told me to get her down because she was getting out of control. so i did.
    then she got angry do we had some drinks..
    the next thing you know were wasted.
    so i take her back to my place..
    and, i think i will stop there. was great. and i look forward to seeing you again.

  • mischa rocks she just has to stop smoking crack and the beer but she is still prety good i kinda want to be like her when i grow up exept for the cocane and beer or what ever, u get the point!!!

  • WTF is rong with u ppl????!!? if she is that fucked up in the head to go and do something like that, y do you look up to her?????!!? wat she needs is some rehab. dumbass!!

  • kash posh is right on – so again – I say ditto times a trillion. And all you holier than thou, up-tight, over-the-top peeps – you need to just get over it already…

  • ever take the fact of photoshop into consideration guys?! s’a possibility these days u do realise this right…? wich card are u gonna play? – ignorance or naivety? lifes are lifes, there set out for a sole purpose….

  • hey babe, i honestly dont know a thing bout you, but ditching your film career for getting high???! shit, thats like ditching your best friends for a lame popular group of high kids. babe, plz talk w me bout this? i love you sweetie.

  • HAHAHAHA at the title. Crap.


  • So, ok, I love pot don’t get me wrong, but honestly do you think that’s all this girl is doing? So many of these teeny tiny teen celebrities do coke, it’s just that the dumb-asses like Lohan get caught with it while driving intoxicated trying to lose the cops. please, pot is the least of this girls’ problems.

  • Mischa may have made a few mistakes but she still is the coolest person. I loved her in the OC! i am kind of an addict of this show even though its been over for over a year. She is a great actress and i would love to meet her one day.
    I don’t agree with the pot but come on people, she is still amazing! Mischa, your still # 1 in my book. And who says this pic isn’t photoshoped. You can put anything in people mouths these days.

  • I used to admire mischa barton so much. It seems everyone is now wasting their lives away on drugs.

    Isn’t it a bit sad if you can’t have fun without being on drink and drugs?!

    No ones seems to notice how many teenagers are on drugs.

    I know half of oxfordshire is! I’ve seen it!

  • I just don’t get this comments. Mischa is a grown up women, she lives the way she wants, if she likes to have some fun with drugs just let her be, most of us have already tried ( at least once ), including myself and even my parents, they already told me.
    She is a great actress and I despise everyone who says she isn’t, ok, maybe she did went on ( a little ) influenced by the way she looks and her FANTASTIC attitude ( I wouldn’t, ever, call it ‘ flirty ‘ ) and maybe a little intelligent, because I always tell the girls I know they could use what they have a little more ( but not to abuse ). Pot isn’t that bad considering that most of celebrities are on ecstasy, coce, and so on….
    What if it was a hand rolled cigarette ? Why do you people insist on talking of what you don’t know for sure ?
    What a waste of time.

  • lol i luv 420erdays comment. hell ya, smoke weed all day everydayy. smoking weed actually makes you a more calm cool and collected person u fucken haters

  • Stop calling weed a drug u fuck faces i mean fuck wats the big deal im 13 i smoke,smoke weed,drink anything i can get my hands on and i dont care it not like i do it every second of my life i rekon it opens ur mind up and tells u who u ar if ur angry theas a soulution…smoke bud same with mushies

  • If alcohol is legal it makes no sense for weed to be. There isn’t one documented death from it and you can’t get physically addicted. Cannibinoids kill cancer cells yet it’s illegal and cancer causing cigarettes aren’t? Alcohol dehydrates you, destroys organs, impairs you way more than marijuana can. What’s wrong with our country?

  • weed never hurt anyone until ya see her enjoying a fat line of coke or smoking up the meth leave her alone and have a hoot!! haha

  • I don’t think she does anything wrong really! don’t forget that weed is legal in some countries!!! and all of you people freaking out and judging… have you ever thought that comments from people like you may have driven her there??? just a thought!