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Blind Item!

Which rehabbed starlet was in for addictions even worse than alcohol and cocaine? She’s still battling a crystal meth habit.

I don’t know that a crystal meth habit is “worse” somehow than a cocaine habit. It’s just a whole lot trashier.

So guess away, people.


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  • It’s easy to guess it would be LiLo, but we all know she wasn’t even serious about rehab…It was all for publicity….So who else has been in? Britney? I don’t think it’s her , either (although it could explain her horrible skin). Didn’t Selma Blair just get out of rehab? While I wouldn’t call her much of a starlet, she is a lot more respectable than the other two.

  • I think I vote Selma Blair.
    Meth makes you really really skinny and Linsday was kind of puffy when she went to rehab.

  • ok…so I just read online somewhere (I won’t name where because I’m a bit ashamed and afraid of a backlash) that Nicole Richie may be back in rehab….for anorexia and “substance abuse”…and I’ve read over the past few years about the rumors that Rachel Zombie, oops, I meant Zoe or whatever her name is, used to supply her clients with meth to stay skinny like herself….so could this “starlet” be Nicole??