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Michael Jackson is a Caca-face Pedophile


The kids over at Radar got their hands on some of the Michael Jackson “memorabilia” that will be auctioned off by a New Jersey man on May 30-31 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. Among the trinkets? A copy of the Jackson House Rules for members of the Rubberhead Club, a group made up primarily of young boys who visited Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Authored by Michael.

My friends and I had a club like this when I was a kid, too. The key difference is that none of us was 48 years old. And we were a little more flexible about the drug use.

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  • What makes you say or this ugly piece of paper that michael jackson made it?? Nothing! Like the mothers always lie when it comes to money, filthy people trying to frame the man! Modern world got to easy on thinking too much sexualy towards everything when it comes to MJ and Kids!
    Your article is rediculious…
    No comment further!

  • This article is too much injustice! Another CRAPloid story! I give it -5 stars!
    Prejudice & Lies are perfect evil! Media must be happy enough for destroying Michael! It’s too much! Stop raping Michael!

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