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Britney Spears is Every Bit as Sober as Lindsay Lohan


According to the Miami Herald, Britney Spears wasn’t exactly hitting up an AA meeting after her show at Mansion in Miami on Sunday.

After her show, Britney partied at Mansion for a little while, and then she and her crew moved on to SET. According to the Herald, “Spears moved into the VIP room and settled down with several bottles of Grey Goose and champagne. Spears was doing shots. ‘Lots of them,’ says our source. Purple Hooter Shots, in fact—part vodka, Chambord and 7-Up.” Ha! I love Purple Hooters! The only thing better is Red-Headed Sluts. At least Brit has good taste in shots.

Other witnesses say Spears visited the bathroom “like 80 times,” and “was dancing around like a crazy lady. She is definitely back in the scene.”

Brit was not just rekindling her passion for drinking; she was also remembering how much she likes other chicks when she’s drunk. According to Perez Hilton, Spears “put in a ‘special request’ for one of the promoters to introduce her to a buxom brunette female she saw below in the crowd through the glass. The busty brunette … was prepared to go upstairs and meet Brit but we’re told she wanted to bring an entourage, which gave everyone cold feet so it didn’t happen – she didn’t want to go up alone.”

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  • at least her body looks almost the way it did back in her good old days….I hope she doesn’t have any more kids…..for now