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12Looking Good, Wilmer


Wilmer Valderrama showed up solo — in a Lamborghini, no less — to Fred Segal yesterday. I’m digging the short hair. He looks good these days. Eat your heart out, Lindsay Lohan.

Photo credit: Buzz Foto

May 18, 2007 at 12:19 pm by Evil Beet
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12 Responses to “Looking Good, Wilmer”

  1. DarthPaul says:

    YEAAAH! SWEET look for him.

  2. cujokay says:

    His best look yet, IMO.

  3. Persistent Cat says:

    Really? He looks dough-y with girly hips. Gross.

  4. Apres Ski says:

    OMG!!! Where’s Wilmer? There’s not one trace of him in there. I’d walk right past him. He’s fat, okay, fleshy, soft. Wilmer, is that you? Dude, what have they done to you out there?

  5. Kim says:

    He’s sporting the DAUGHTRY look, wallet chain and all.

  6. natasha says:

    He is sooooooooooooooooo cute!Odusevljena sam kako je lijep!Jerdite vi govna,sta je debeo!E pa nije!Ja bih ga uzela samo za sebe i da je jos deblji!Kad je tako divan..I Lindzi ga nije zasluzila,krava!Volim te ;-)

  7. jatita brasil says:

    uhuu fez eh feraaa dale fez

  8. boo says:

    so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since that 70′s show he has inproved his look!!!!! love you wilmer

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  10. Mad Men says:

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