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How Is Patrick Stewart Still Hot???


I am really disturbed with myself right now. Jean Luc Picard made an appearance at a London theater today, and is, somehow, still way freakin’ hot to me. Is this just me? Why do I feel this way? He’s got to be like 100 years old right now. Harrison Ford aged out about ten years ago for me, and Sean Connery around the same time period. But Patrick Stewart? Still. So. Hot. Why??


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  • Dude. The man is shtupping a girl a third his age. That’s how. He sucks her youth from her day by day.

  • I have always had a crush on him since the “generation” days, he’s got that older hottness going on. LOL!

  • Have you guys seen him on the British comedy “Extras”? I think he appeared on the last episode of the first season. TOO FUNNY. He’s got his super sexy voice, his distinguished mannerisms, and all he can talk about is… well, you just gotta see it for yourself.

    And yeah, still hot.

  • Ha! Alex, that was a FABULOUS clip! Thanks for sharing. I’d post it here but embedding is disabled … :(

  • yeah he’s hot, and hoe’s not even half as old as either of those guys (Harrison & Sean). don’t let the baldness fool you. jean-luc, i love you so!

  • I’ve had a crush on Mr. Stewart for years now! He is one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen! At any age! And his accent doesn’t hurt either! ;-)

  • He is very hot! Handsome and a gorgeous body! I loved him in the movie Safe House, where he took a shower, mmmm.

  • I have to write a paper about him for my english class. I didnt know who he was or what he looked like, and then I saw a picture of him with no shirt and….yeah he is totaly a mean, lean, sex machine.
    haha and this is coming from a sixteen year old.

  • I totally agree!! as a artist i would definitly be ok painting Patrick with no clothes on. He is gorgeous, and his voice…mmmmm. I don’t even have to say anything. He’s the best ever.