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Lindsay Does Ellen

Oh, get your minds out of the gutter. Lindsay’s relationship with Ellen is nothing like her relationship with Samantha Ronson; it involves a lot less cunnilingus, I’d imagine.

That didn’t stop Ellen from basically giving her head anyway. Lohan did Ellen’s from-the-bed talk show on Wednesday, and she touched upon topics as far-reaching as the on-set drama of Georgia Rule (she’s sticking to that bronchial asthma story goddammit), Bill Cosby’s temper and her picks for American Idol.

In the second clip, Ellen pits her against the Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader kids, and LiLo gets to show off her impressive mastery of lunar properties, English grammar and hummingbirds. She gets total props from me for identifying an adverb without any prompting. Shit, I’ve worked with writers who can’t do that. Cocaine is an awesome study aid.

Second clip is after the jump.

You know, when she’s not high or drunk, Lindsay is plenty likable. Adorable, almost.

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  • Sorry, but if that was the best clip they could find, I’m gonna have to say the freckled whore definitely cannot act.

  • I know, I thought that, too. Like, really? This is the uber-talented young actress whose raging drug and alcohol problem ought to be overlooked because of the sheer genius she brings to the film industry? Ugh. That’s straight WB (CW?) acting.

  • ah, dont overlook it, it’s plainly have nothing to do with me so why bother. oh, and do you have a problem with

  • lindsay lohan is NOT that smart. she already knew the answers. definately. also, shes just like, all these kidz look up to me! wow, ill give them and treat and let them shake hands with me. uh, they probably all flinched when she came around.