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4Mischa’s Keds are at the Cleaners

I know we’ve been following the “Mischa Barton + Keds = True Love” story pretty hard so here’s the latest breaking news.

In this picture I believe she is wearing normal (acceptable) footwear. I could be off the mark here, as I don’t really know the whole Keds line. If I’m wrong I’ll take a comment ding. But if I’m right I want it known that I nailed her first.

Put your Keds back on! And eat something.


Next up, Adam Brody, Elisha Cuthbert, and Amber Tamblyn. These guys all look hot in their own little way, no? Brody is rocking a full fledged adult male thing and somehow the slightly stoned vibe makes Elisha work for me. Plus I’m a sucker for redheads (Amber Tamblyn).


It should be noted that all these, again, are from the Coachella event. The fact checker (whom I’m on the phone with now) tells me that this event is in Indio, California and features music acts. There seems to be a charity angle as well. So all you guys near Indio (home of the Indio High Rajahs) hustle on down to see both music and Scarlett’s cow legs.

April 29, 2007 at 8:16 am by Spiteful Lars

4 Responses to “Mischa’s Keds are at the Cleaners”

  1. Cypress says:

    Why do they give these stupid stars money for not wearing their products? Oh I get it! Ked’s just don’t go with star clothes.

  2. bite me bitch says:

    i still say mushy is one skanky bitch and absolutely do not see the attraction to this ho. and wtf is up with those funkyass legs of hers? worst in hwood

  3. i’m so upset of keds shoes i dont now why i llove those shoes much they are so comfortable i have so many of them

  4. dkd says:

    That show the O.C. rocks!

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