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Why Does Time Warner Cable Suck So Hard?

Hi guys,

I rarely use this blog for matters of this sort, but trying to get my cable television to work is rapidly becoming my full-time job. My HDTV box doesn’t work. I call Time Warner, and they’re like, “Well, clearly there’s a problem with your box.” (Insert my friend Shannon, who, when presented with this problem, responds, “You need your box to work if you wanna get some play. Get it? Play?” She’s funny.) My box was just installed a couple weeks ago, and I haven’t done anything like drop it off my balcony in the meantime, so this is obviously their fault. “What can I do about this?” I ask. “Well,” responds the helpful lady, “you need to bring it in and exchange it for a new one.” This seems doable enough. “Except,” she says, “we don’t accept HDTV boxes in our centers. So you’ll have to set up an appointment to have someone come in and replace it.” This, of course, requires that I take time off work — which I already did several weeks ago to have the first one installed. “Are you serious?” I ask. “Very,” she responds.

So here’s the question I pose to you, dear readers: What are my options? It seems very unfair that, in the year 2007, my one and only option for acquiring MTV is Time Warner Cable. I hear murmurings about IPTV, DirectTV, etc. I live on the Westside in LA. What else is available here? Has anyone had any positive experiences with a cable company around here? Help would be much appreciated. Leave it in the comments or shoot me an email at


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  • About 6 times every hour my cable TV will freeze up for a few seconds. I miss part of the dialog, important stuff like “and the winner of project runway is…FREEZE “.

  • Hello Everyone,

    been a little while, just so busy with everything lately. Been getting nasty e-mails about launching my site, so I guess I’m doing something right. I have a team putting the site together and it will be up no later then the 1st week of January 2009. So much to cover on time warner and other cable companys.

    Take Care,

  • Hello!

    Get this crap. I have over a 4,000 members for the site, before I launch it. I went and tried to send over 4,000 emails and it denied me. Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit. I called time warner and asked why this happen. They told me I’m only aloud to send out a 1,000 emails a day. What kind of crap is this shit. Who are to tell me how much e-mails to send out. Now I’m very pissed off. If I want to send out millions of e-mails, then leave me the fuck alone. i can see if I was sending spam, but who the hell you think you are to control how many emails I can send out. If anyone can help in this matter, please email me and let me know how I can send out mass of e-mails to my members. FUCK YOU TIME WARNER SEND ONLY 1,000 EMAILS A DAY!

  • Time Warner Sucks Donkey Dong! That they have been having internet DOS attacks is widely report…and very apparent on my end of things. For the last month I’ve been given “page not found” errors and had to repeatedly hit the refresh button to get to my email, home page, etc.

    So I call them and ask for an adjustment. No, they tell me, it wasn’t a reported problem and you’ve gotten all the credits you are going to get.

    What the *bleep*?! I’m paying for spotless service 24/7/365. Not whatever they feel is good service. And yes, I get dropouts too. Milliseconds of screen freeze with no sound at crucial places in the dialog.

    Really ticks me off.

    So what am I going to do? Reprint all of the news reports of Time-Warner’s problems and a strongly worded letter to corporate offices…which are at;

    Time Warner Cable
    900 N. Cahuenga Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90038

    with copies going to the L.A. Times and the Los Angeles City Council.

    Deny my complaint will ya?!

  • Yeah well every weekend i will be playing xbox and then out of no where i get d/c (disconnected) from xbox. This happens very frequintly and wel i am seriously pissed off because its as if the internet cant handle everyone and if twc wants to keep making money from me the better gets some upgraded software and hardware co this doesnt keep happinin. btw FUCK TIME WARNER CABLE

  • If you signed up for Time Warner for the sole purpose of watching MTV, then you suck as much as the provider. Thus, my advice to you is get a brain and use it for something other than complaining about the idiot box we call television. We live in a “corporate” world, so get used to lowering your expectations of the world… Or, do something instead of complaining about not getting your daily dose of stupid.

  • To John. Why even post an ignorant non-useful post. Who gives a crap what he is watching. The fact is he should be able to watch it as much as he wants, when he wants…And one person is not going to be able to “do something” about it so suggesting that is ridiculous. I do not personally watch MTV but I hardly would consider that a dose of stupid.

  • I forgot to mention. I use my brain more than most people at their job and If i want to come home and stare at my TV like a fucking drone, I should be entitled to it. But thats not what this blog is about. Do you work for Time Warner? I can not stand them…TW bought out Comcast in my area, the first thing they did was raise the price and lower the speeds….After that it has been random outages every other week (no problems with Comcast at all, maybe called them once before TW took over). I call TW more in one week than i did Comcast. And Yes I do realize that they may have been switching domains but I also know that once they did thats when the shit hit the fan…In the end Time Warner sucks and do not even get me started on the cable TV boxes

  • I hate them! I have been fighting with them for 3 days over exercise TV. I tell them how to fix it, they say restart my box. They send a tech out for 2 hours, we have exchanged about 30 e-mails and 10 phone calls. All they have to do is tell the person who sends the programs over that he screwed up and to resend them. But no! I just keep getting reset your box, the box was just replaced for no reason. So I guess time warner can screw themselves

  • Yeah, I’m in the right place! I hate TW worse than all you ho’s! Since they bought out Adelphia – the 1st cable company I remotely liked / tolerated, they screwed up the integration of the 3 companies (comcast included), jacked up my prices & dropped my speed (a’la whocares) and ever since the water mains started breaking all around LA (thank you Green peace beatniks) – the spills send hundreds of thousands of gallons daily of otherwise perfectly good water into the underground vaults of TW’s cable boxes.

    So alot of what we’re experiencing could be from simply flooding. Well guess what – this year will be a wet winter I’m told, so get used to shitty service. I have several VoIP lines into my house, and without even testing a freaking line – they said it was my Vonage & Allworx phone systems causing the problem. It didn’t matter that I told them those systems were disconnected while I attempted the troubleshooting – they didn’t want to hear it.

    Strangely – I got the CSR to spot me for the September bill, as I had a service ticket where TW techs admitted they overloaded my node, causing 100% utlilization / traffic.

    Damn – I can’t WAIT for FoIS to arrive. Not that Verizon’s tech support doesn’t such even worse – but atleast their product is reliable!

    Cheers Comrades!


  • this isnt even a company-just a collection of confused illegal aliens drinking their lunch as they fuck up your cable/internet and then drain ALL your local resources with their filthy bastard children.

  • Not only do I have to fight with the fucking Internet which is in fact a 5 megabit download and 1 megabit upload get this it goes out 6 times today in maybe ten minutes. Peak perfomance times are shit and you can’t get another ISP because the faggets juts buy them out. I will one of these days find the guy who made this shit infastructure those fuckers call Internet. Fuck them they don’t know what good Internet is. They say their connetion is all fiber when in fact it is actually just copper. So you catch them in a lie there. They don’t even know what good internet is. I went to japan to visit my friend for a month and he had 100 megabit download speeds for his Internet which is about 10x faster then twc and yet he pays 50 dollars for his Internet equivalent to the Japanese yen. I am sick of their shit. If you ask them to repair their internet they say it is my router/equipment. I have been through 3 routers and it was still doing the same thing back when I was naive enough to believe the bastards. They can seriously blow me and they need to stop ripping people off. Speeds that will blow you away is their motto. That is so inaccurate it makes me want to vomit. They need a fucking overhaul on his whole fucking Internet bullshit they call an infrastructure. Oh yeah btw I am only 15 and I am going to fucking shove my 12 guage up a twc ceo’s ass and pull the motherfucking trigger. Congratulations on the website and I don’t know if it is open yet, but I hope the website gets noticed by twc and the change their shit ways before they gets sued by cities all over either way it is a win-win for me because they either change or turn to a coagulated washed up pile of shit in a gutter somewhere as the earth eats it and devours that shit hole they call a company into the fiery depths of hell. This is my rant.. Well have a good life as twc slowly rots from the inside. THE POWER OF YOU (also known as twc’s motto haha what a fucking joke more like the power of me to fucking beat twc CEO’s head in)

  • Hell F’n Ya brother!

    I’d have to second that comment about the illegals running the company. One came to my house about 20 months ago, while I was working on the computer in our back house (my office). Dude strolls into my yard, grabs MY ladder from the side of the house and props it up against the house. I’m like WTF?!!?

    I go outside and ask him what he thinks he’s doing. He’s like – no hable english. I figured he was some sorta cable tech, but he had no badge, couldn’t speak english and apparently drove up in his clapped out 1985 Chevy Astro van (or what was left of it). He muttered something about disconnecting my cable, as someone in the area was stealing cable TV.

    I mustered up every ounce of polietness, and asked him to walk out front while I called Time Warner to see WTF was going on. He waited for about 10 minutes while I began what ended up being 40 minutes of HOLD FUCKING HELL with my local office Time Warner. When I noticed he grabbed his own ladder and was heading into the back yard once again, I peered out the door as he began to position the ladder along the side of my house again.

    At this point, I figured I’d utilize my universal translator…..NO….not my Star Fleet academy issued one….my USMC issued one….AKA Colt .45.

    With the holstered pistol at my side, I told in forcefully to stop what he was doing and leave the property IMMEDIATELY. He looked at me and pulled out his dikes (wire cutters). I unsheated my 7 inch full sized 1911, and yelled at the TOP of my lungs – GET THE FUCK OFF MY HOUSE NOW, GET OFF MY PROPERTY or YOU WON’T BE GOING HOME TONIGHT….

    clearly now – I have his attention, and he tries apologizing in Spanish (how considerate). He leaves the property as I wait for my BP to return to normal. After 30 more minutes, TW comes on and I immediately ask for a supervisor, who did confirm that someone was out in the area, but they should have a vehicle and badge clearly marked. He suggested that next time I call the Police versus taking matters into my own hands….what a douche….. Par for the course at this company.

    Come on Verizon – get your heads out of your butt and get FIOS over to my place – like right now! I’ll even have beer and preztels for your crew….sheez.

    Ps – Yeah – Time Warner sucks BALLS….like he said!

    • look tim only cuz this guy was illegal it doea not mean that all illegal immigrants are stupid and idiotics. I know many and they proven to accomplish a lot! Just how there are dumb ilegal immigrants there are also dumb white people and black or chinnese or ECT. So if I was u I won’t judge cuZ u can also be stupid yourself in some ways. Nobody is perfect!!! We are all human being!!!! Ignorant! Next time refer to an immigrant as a person n stop discriminating!

      • I was surprised to see the dates on these posts. Most of them being over a year old, yet still relevant.

        Now, in reply to Jacky:

        How about you learn to use proper English and spell things that make sense? And about discrimination, referring to someone as an immigrant isn’t ignorant. Calling someone ignorant for referring to some as an immigrant when they clearly are is ignorant on your behalf. He didn’t call him anything rude, besides bleeping curse words at him, which seem relatively appropriate considering the circumstances. And you should learn to read as well. Not once did he actually call the man an immigrant. He referred to him as an illegal and described him as speaking only Spanish, using his ladder to climb on his house and driving a beat up old Chevy van. I would have to concur, given the evidence that this man was probably up to no good. Despite the fact he may or may not have been here illegally, I am fairly certain certain that one could reason this man was in fact an immigrant from a Spanish speaking country. I am guessing that, 1) you are a very young person who doesn’t care about anything – including spelling things correctly – except following the liberal media and the next “hottest” thing, or 2) you are a graduate of our wonderful Public Education System. I would like to say that I meant no insult, but considering how snarky, ignornant, and inconsiderate you were with Tim, I would like to respond with some intelligence and some wording that may “put you in your place.” I am guessing you will probably take that out of context too and say that I’m a racist. By “putting you in your place,” I mean showing you that you clearly misunderstood and blatantly bashed the man for how he told his story when you obviously have no understanding of what the words you use, such as “immigrant” mean. Nor do you possess the slightest understanding of how to use a keyboard and a spell check.

        Now on to something a little less individual-directed:

        Time Warner is quite possibly THE worst television/internet provider. They are always inconsiderate, very rude, and don’t really care about customers – which, if that had a lick of sense, would tell them is quite important, considering how customers are how they make money.

  • Well…..This is why everyone hates Time Warner. I posted an ad on Craigslist and a Time Warner employee responded. These are his words sent from his TW email account..” guys like you fuck it up for the rest of us who actually PAY for our cable…don’t be an ass…do it right and pay your fee every month like the rest of us do!!!” Then he goes on to say “Ohhh well cant say I didn’t try to warn you…lol once a felon always a felon I guess…bet you’re a welfare cheater too hmmmmm food stamps fpr cash and all that??? Or do you just whore yourself out on the street corner for nasty old guys who want dick???? If you actually have one that is….” All this from his work email mail account. After I cut and pasted every name from the Executive Management Team and informed him that I was going to forward every email to each and every person on that list, this is what I got “Actually I know when im beat..what can I win”. And when I CC him in on a few emails that I had forwarded I got this “Ok I have apologized what more do you want I will be lucky to make it through the day…” and “Again I apologize you have won…I am gone thanks” Then I replied “maybe I should forward these emails too? Look, next time you decide to mess with someone you don’t know maybe you will think about it! I only started CC you in on half of the emails that I forward to every Time Warner Executive Management person. THINK DUDE!!!!! Your work email!!!! and I’m the dumb ass? who’s the ass now? Have a great day! or not!” and got this in response “I do are right” All this on company time. maybe this is why Time Warner Customer Service is so bad! They are all on Craigslist answering ad’s on company time.
    And This is why I hate Time Warner!!!!!
    After I forward this to every Executive Manager do you think I got a response. Not a one!!!!!! They don’t care!

  • I hate TWC…I have had there services for 60 days, and 60 out of 60 days my internet services went down for most of the day. I have had full (new) installation from the main cable being dug in the yard to all cable lines within the house replaced. Still, there is still the same thing going on with the internet. I have had a tech come out to the house to try and fix it every week, along with techs missing there appt…(time is money)! And there customer services department also sucks. When I just got so tired of there services and wanted to cancel they keept giving me the run around. Not to mention the attitude they gave me! An also the fact that I was denied when i wanted a refund for services. This lady I talk to had the nerve to get an attitude and tell me “What makes you think this wont happen if get services from someone else, and then what!”….. Am sorry but WTF. This is poor people relations, also she should get thrown on a island like the leppers and die… If anyone is gonna get TWC services in the 28544 area DONT DO IT.

  • You know what I’m glad there are even more people out there like me and hate twc just as much as me. I have had to use my cell phone all day because my internet is down and I called twc and they tell me to unplug my modem for 60 seconds then plug it back in. Did that and it did not work and the lady said she was going to send a technician out and I told her to go and Fuck herself and hung up the phone. I am fed up with twc and their false ads I emailed them about am hour ago and told them to be expected in court soon for false ads. Fuck twc.

  • time warner cable Sucks!!!!! I just have 3 days with this crab n is already fucking up like u guys says it keeps on pausing freezing n then my tv screen all of a sudden turns black!!! Stupid cable!!!!! I’m so done with this shit!!!!!!!!!

  • Time Warner Cable. What can I say? I pay waaaaay to much to get waaaay to little and slow service. I have the top rated speed in my area and I still have to wait for buffering videos and speeds that should be upto 20mbps drop to like 6 mbps or 4 even. I want to see videos stream smoothly not choppy shit or low quality tradeoff. I soooo wish I had U-verse and their faster speeds. I keep checking and checking, once it’s available… GOODBYE FOREVER TWC. You SUCK!!!

  • Its 2012 & yess time warner you still suck! If you came across this post , this is one of Many consumers {humans, customers, people} that are tired of being ripped off by corporate crappy businesses. You know what im talking about, if you were one of those Millions, suckered into trusting a General motors dealer, for one of those built to break pieces of crap they call cars. <rant, im not dum enough to buy 1, but i know of millions that did { dexcool classaction lawsuit} Rant< Anyhow, where was i , Time warner you suck & in 2012 your Boxes work apparently as CRAPPY as yr. 2000!~ Does time warner own sprint? because they suck too.
    Maybe ted turner gets Corporate welfare for all the defective boxes? $$$$$$$ Because they are without a doubt the crappiest service in town……………..Men went to the Moon in 1969, & T.V. was there for yall, if you had an antenna.
    Who would thought a 1970s pos Chevy vega, would be more reliable than time warner Cable. Maybe its too windy out!


    You did it Online to me last nite ! What gives you the right while im reading to invade my space & put up a A presidential Election Questionairre? My Vote is My vote. Thats no different than opening up the ballot boxes…………………….

    In my book, its illegal, i think you should Cease & desist.


    THE QUESTION IS A B C , to get out you must change the channell.\\\ Or leave the page on the internet… Where time warner is watching your every move.

    My answer to your questions about my Vote, ” FUCKOFF”

  • Fuck Customers…TWC can give a fuck about you and your family.. if you dont like us go fuck yourselves and leave our company..

  • Time warner is awful. Enough said well no there’s a lot that sucks about them. Usually shows with high ratings will have this problem in order to get you to change the channel and boost ratings for other programs sponsored by time warner. Kinda like censorship to boost rating for other shows. So yeah they suck. Customer service is awful and the problem is never fixed. Why well like I said censorship to boost other shows ratings.

  • I think TW sucks badly as well. For some reason every time my bill is 3 days before due TW sends me a “friendly reminder”. OK, I know it is due in three days…. fine, shut up. I don’t need the reminder. The thing that pisses me of about it is they send it to me through my browser, which makes me have to reboot my computer. Besides that, I use automatic bill pay anyway, so I don’t need the reminder. Just another reason that TW sucks nutsack… As if the fact that I have to disconnect from my wireless network and reconnect every time I view a page for more than 2 minutes because every time I do I get page errors wasn’t bad enough. TW cable is the shitiest ISP in history. FUCK TIME WARNER CABLE. I can see that TW has sucked for many years from reading some of these posts, which is one more of the many reasons I regret subscribing to their low-quality horse shit.

  • 3 years ago I suffered from a fire in my apt, that was started by my upstairs neighbor. I was blocked from entering my apt for over a month, and called TWC the day after to explain my situation and cancel my service, but they still ended up charging me over $600 for “not returning my equipment”! It was a closed off fire scene, WTF???

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