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Why Does Time Warner Cable Suck So Hard?

Hi guys,

I rarely use this blog for matters of this sort, but trying to get my cable television to work is rapidly becoming my full-time job. My HDTV box doesn’t work. I call Time Warner, and they’re like, “Well, clearly there’s a problem with your box.” (Insert my friend Shannon, who, when presented with this problem, responds, “You need your box to work if you wanna get some play. Get it? Play?” She’s funny.) My box was just installed a couple weeks ago, and I haven’t done anything like drop it off my balcony in the meantime, so this is obviously their fault. “What can I do about this?” I ask. “Well,” responds the helpful lady, “you need to bring it in and exchange it for a new one.” This seems doable enough. “Except,” she says, “we don’t accept HDTV boxes in our centers. So you’ll have to set up an appointment to have someone come in and replace it.” This, of course, requires that I take time off work — which I already did several weeks ago to have the first one installed. “Are you serious?” I ask. “Very,” she responds.

So here’s the question I pose to you, dear readers: What are my options? It seems very unfair that, in the year 2007, my one and only option for acquiring MTV is Time Warner Cable. I hear murmurings about IPTV, DirectTV, etc. I live on the Westside in LA. What else is available here? Has anyone had any positive experiences with a cable company around here? Help would be much appreciated. Leave it in the comments or shoot me an email at


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  • I live on the Westside as well. Since Adelphia went bankrupt and Time Warner bought them out, there are no other cable options that I know of. I guess you could check with your phone company because some of them offer cable now and bundle service, but I’m not sure. DirecTv is good and you can definitely get it on the Westside. You get all of the normal local channels and everything and they’ll even ship you a new box if the one you have sucks.

  • DirecTv is a good provider…they have a lot of extra thing that they offer also like caller ID that shows up on you TV screen.. and I’m sure they are running a special on something.. check them out. Good Luck on that !!

  • Beet, I live in North Carolina. I just had to respond to you because your email was like deja vu for me. I have had Dish Network for the past 3 years. However, I was a “slave” to Time Warner Cable before that time. I cannot count the times I had to go clear across town to exchange boxes which did not work. And, I no longer have the interruptions in programming that I had when I used their service. I can truly sympathize with your frustration. Do you all not have Dish Network available there? If not, I would guess that DirectTV would be a much better alternative. I suffered through problems with Time Warner much longer than I should have (I love watching movies and hate having them interrupted!), because I was reluctant to change internet service providers. However, I am also pleased with my Earthlink DSL ISP. I don’t think that Time Warner will get any better any time soon. Good luck!

  • I couldn’t help but respond. I live in Houston, TX. It looks like Time Warner is as committed to customer service and quality in California and North Carolina as they are in Texas. I have issues with them on a monthly basis. Each “fix” is nothing more than an inconvenience to me that leads to another problem the next month. I’m switching to DirectTV next month.

  • I just googled “time warner sucks” and found your site first… I AM SO FED UP!! We have been here two years and we have had at least 6 different DVR boxes! So all the recorded WEEKS of shows are GONE! PLUS we have their phone service and our phone works RANDOMLY, you never know when you are going to get a dial tone OR be cut off while talking to someone…it literally happens daily & my cell phone bill has tripled just because I have to keep calling people back so that they dont think I just hung up on them. They are GREAT at sending someone out BUT we have to be here waiting & NOTHING ever gets fixed! After they leave it just starts all over again. WE GET NO REFUND for any of this and I honestly think that if there was a lawsuit WE would win! WHY SHOULD THEY GET TO KEEP OUR MONEY FOR A SERVICE THAT DOES NOT WORK??? If three weeks of shows are erased from thier broken boxes then we should be refunded for what we have missed. THEY DONT EVEN OFFER!

    Oh and we also have always had Direct TV in ONE room so that my husband can get the football package…I dont suggest it being your only form of TV…if the weather is bad, you are screwed. Every storm knocks it out…its really annoying.

    sorry to vent but I am so fed up!

  • Time Warner Cable sucks because the is little in the way of common sense running that company. Today they turned off email accounts to anyone that was usining email addresses with no warning for many months. Some assumed because no date was given and no further information that this would not happen, at least not suddenly and without being able to ever get the email that is sent .I cancelled today and do not ever intend to willingly do business with this company again.

  • Time Warner Cable is the devil, I swear! I live in good ole Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Just built a new home, new subdivision. Have no choice but to role with TWC (Verizon DSL, DirectTV or Dish not available out here….yet!)…so, got the 3-in-1 deal. VOIP phone, RoadRunner, and cable with HD package…..well, it BOMBS, big time, my so-called HD-DVR Receiver has a “glitch” that they make you re-boot in a 2 step process until your “problem” is fixed! Deleted shows, not able to purchase HD movies, can’t rewind, etc. etc., ….I am on m 5th DVR… sucks so bad…I can’t wait until other service providers are available in my area, I never, NEVER had any problems with DirectTV or Dish Network in the past at my old location. Good luck and continue through the struggle with Time Warner!

  • Its 2008 and I am reading posts that about how time warner sucks and 9 months agos these boxes started going out and tw still hasnt fixed it. JohnW is right, there is no commen sense running this part of the company!!! I am on my 10th box in 2 1/2 years and ready for a new one. Dam thing skips and they tell me this is their only box style now, fuckers!!!! Direct TV here I come :)

  • seriously fuck time warner cable…i spent 3 weeks screaming at different reps on the phone daily bc they installed 2 boxes in my house and the “premium” broadband box…neither of which worked. 3 weeks for them to come and fix it when it was supposed to be fixed in the same day. AND our damn internet constantly goes out…so much for the premium service.

  • I hear you! I’ve had TW, DVR for years and never had a problem, but then we switched to HD and got the package deal w/phone, internet, etc. We have been through 4 boxes in 2 wks! Plus, we went ahead and can canceled the phone because it never worked. They never even gave us our new phone number! We are switching back to the regular DVR and see what happens.

  • they just “suspended” my cable,phone and internet because I made the mistake of shorting them $5 last month, my bill for jan was due 5 days ago, they tacked on feb and said I was a month behind. I will take them there stuff and switch to at&t on jan 31st when I get paid. they suck so hard it hurts!!

  • Why does Time Warner suck so bad:
    1) cost too much
    2) phone line always going out and when it does work has a lot of static
    3) cable box always malfunctioning and loses my saved shows
    4) road runner cable bogs down and can’t play online games
    5) When they send out a tech he is usually an independent and doesn’t know squat about fixing problems. All they know how to do is change out a modem and call the mac number in to the office. Heck I can do that myself and not have to lose money being away from work waiting for the yahoo to come out.

  • Why does Time Warner suck so bad:
    1) cost too much
    2) phone line always going out and when it does work has a lot of static
    3) cable box always malfunctioning and loses my saved shows
    4) road runner cable bogs down and can’t play online games
    5) When they send out a tech he is usually an independent and doesn’t know squat about fixing problems. All they know how to do is change out a modem and call the mac number in to the office. Heck I can do that myself and not have to lose money being away from work waiting for the yahoo to come out.
    6) Can’t watch some of the NFL because they don’t have the sports package option
    7) they charge you for channels you don’t even want.

  • Same Story in San Diego, New HD DVR Box was released to meet new fcc regs and they are writing the software on the fly doing hotfixes every so often. It just doesn’t work, they won’t refund money and we can’t even get through a show without having to reboot which takes 10 minutes! Totally fed up.

  • I just got Time Warner here in NC, and like many of you, was lead here by Google. I haven’t had any problems to speak of with the cable service, but have had serious issues in a short time with the internet and phone service. The internet could be described as intermittent at best, and the phone drops in tandem with it.

    I initially thought at least part of the problem was my use of a wireless router (even though there’s no way that would effect the phone). However, I did a little troubleshooting and went direct to the hard line, with the same pitiful results. I’ve been on the phone numerous times with their service department, and all they can suggest is to reset their box. Now, I’m fairly technically proficient, but resetting your connection 12 times a day (it doesn’t work as a method most of the time anyway) shouldn’t be something you have to do.

    I live in a condo complex, so there are a lot of people using wireless within range. I have noticed if I check for available wireless connections when roadrunner is working, there are about 15 available. If I check when my Time Warner has dropped, there’s only 3 or 4. Imagine that, it seems like they have a generalized problem here.

    This is garbage though. I think I’m going to drop the phone service immediately and give them a few more months to fix the internet problem while I evaluate my options.

    It’s not like the connection slows down at peak hours, it drops completely off. I’m curious if any else is having similar problems, in particular during peak evening hours.

    P.S. The connection dropped and reset twice just while I was writing this message. What a POS company.

  • I just threw my hd dvr box of my third story balcony. Its only my third one and I’m not wasting anymore of my time with there technians or on the phone when all they ever do is reset the box. Thats their fix for everything!! Same as everyone eles before I got my HD box everything was fine. I’m fed up with the inexperianced ass holes that work at Time Warner. Direct TV is installing my dish tomorrow. Good luck with anyone whos keeping it because its sucks a big fat one!!

  • Wow im so happy i found this site. TW fuckin blows! I live in Northeast Ohio and i just bought my 32″ Panasonic HDTV about 2 months ago and it took them two weeks to deliver my hd box. I bought an HDMI cable so I could use it for my new hd box but they sent me an old scientific atlanta explorer 3100hd box! thats at least a couple years old and is not HDMI compatible! WTF?! So i was like whatever this will do for now and it had a good picture but the channels would always skip every 2 or 3 minutes and I called and asked for a new box with an HDMI output and the lady told me I had to physically go there myself and pick one up before 10am because they go fast. So i skip school one morning and go to get one and guess? THEY’RE SOLD OUT! So im of course pissed and now my old POS hd box goes haywire and I cannot ANY cable HD or not…this company blows dick and I am fed up. Can anyone give me some advice on how to get the newest box available and does anyone know the model or brand of that box?

  • we have had time warner cable for a couple years now, and we just recently switched to the new HD DVR set top box. It worked fine for about 6 months then it just all went to hell. We can be right in the middle of a F-in show and the screen freezes up. then shortly after that the whole screen goes out and the DVR boxes screen has a bunch of numbers come up that dont mean shit. then you have to unplug the dam box and wait 10 minutes for it to reconfigure or whatever the hell it does. then after that the cable comes back on and you are all happy, then guess what happens it goes out again. we have had them come out to our house 3 times and they havent fixed it yet, why arnt i surprised. they replaced our HD DVR box twice so far and we are working on our third. NW ohio

  • I have had TW cable and internet for quite some time and i have not experienced many problems. My channels flicker in and out ever now and again. I am debating whether or not to get their digital phone service or not. i was told that if the cable goes out because of storms or etc. that your phone also goes out. Thats a risk I could not take, I have to have a phone at all times. I am also here to tell anyone who thinks direct Tv is any better that they are wrong. I had Direct TV and it was horrible. They promised my monthly bill would stay the same and over the period of a year and a half i ended up paying over 50 dollars more a month than what i was supposed to. If my bill was like a half of a day late they would shut my service off and then charge me with a 20 dollar reconnect fee to have it turned back on. Not to mention that when it snowed or rained hard I would be sitting there looking at a blank screen for hours. so, don’t let anyone fool you, Direct tv is just as bad as TW, if not worse!

  • Three cities in Ohio sued TW over poor service and using cable lines almost 20 years old. all of their reps are independents like infocision and their repairmen are also all independents at least in ohio they are. I called them to come out and fix my Internet and a guy in a white beat up and rusted van showed up wearing a wife beater shirt and blue jeans holding a box saying hear was hear to fix the cable. Oh and heres the kicker he was mexican and I could not understand him very well.

  • OMG. Totally agree with you.
    Internet keeps going off at the most annoying times, have to reconnect to go back onto the game, and what’s worse, I have to set up the connection manually. Sad thing. 2Wire won’t detect TW wireless! Want to throw it out a balcony, but the bad thing is, I live in a house! Gotta live in it. Besides, I’m just 13. What’s a teen gotta do to have some good internet so you can play some good old online games without being disconnected every 20 minutes? Oh yeah, and guess what? Sometimes I can’t even repair my connection when it’s down. Gotta wait for another day, repair it. Also, the internet sometime won’t work even if it is listed as a completely excellent connection! Down with Time Warner!

    PS-My internet connection just dropped and I had to just repair it. What crappy connection!
    If anyone else has the same kind of problems as I do, tell me. LOLZ.
    I bet if any one of us sued TWC, we’d win!

  • Sorry for double posting, but…
    Beet, you do know AT&T has a lot of channels, right?
    I used it before my family moved. Really fast internet and good servicemen. They actually know what they’re doing. I do believe AT&T has MTV, but if they don’t, I’m sure you’ll find some other channel you like. :D

  • Hello everyone,

    Fuck time warner cable. I just bought 2 web-sites about time warner, because of all the hype on the web. it will be free for all. I bought and

    It will have forums and everything you need to get the word out all over the web about time warner cable. its time to stop the monopoly and take back our freedom.

    What I hate the most is that they will remove channels that you have been paying on from the beginning, but will not reduce your bill and not even tell you that they removed these channels. Now we cant even get the NFL network, because they hate time warner and think they are scam artist.

    When you call time warner, your on hold for fucking 1 hour and then they don’t even speak any fucking english. (( I’m not racist in any matter )), but if you live in America, you better learn how to speak some fucking English, don’t come here and not learn our language. Also, I shouldn’t have to go to my own banks ATM and choose a language, get the fuck out of here with that crap, ( this is fucking America ) Now on DVD you have a setup for other language, this is getting out of hand. Just had to vent some.

    Take Care,

  • LOLZ!
    Well GJ Greg, that’ll be the first thing I go to right now!
    After I post this, though…

  • Sorry about double posting AGAIN, but first of all, wouldn’t it be more convenient to have only one website, Greg?
    Oh well, but I still think that’s a great idea.
    Oh yeah, Greg, I think they have language selections for tourists from, say, France and they’re just total foreigners that are just visiting for like one month. Besides, movies and ATMs might have words that confuse people. My dad who’s been here for like 10 years still has trouble with English, while I’ve only been here 8 years and have really good English. And I’m only 13 :P. My mom who’s been here as long as I have sucks at her English. It’s a matter for the people who are more aged. They’re worse at adapting, if they ever do. So they need the language help.

  • Hello!

    Thank you so much for your response. I do have 2 web-site, but 1 will be forward to the other soon! Just want to get the search engines going on both sites. The main 1 will be It will be all forums, so when people post things, it will read all over the web. Also, I will never ask for money, this will be totally free for LIFE. I have people working on the site right now, trying to get things going within the next couple months. These people do a complete research on timewarner and will post any news update, when they come in and it will be posted right away on the site. My launch date is Sept 25, but it looks like it might even be sooner then that.

    Thanks Very Much,

  • Hello!

    I know when you are older it takes longer to learn the language. My step dad is from Russia and it took him a long time to learn, but he did. I just think, if you cant speak that good enough English, then you shouldn’t have a job on the phone.

    Take Care,

  • hello!

    Thank you for your response. I’m just telling what has happen to me every time I call or try to get things resolved. How come your HD boxes never work most of the time. Had to exchange it 5 times already within 2 yrs?? How come it takes forever for you to pick up the phones on your end?? Half the time the on demand doesn’t even work, why should I have to call once week, because your company can’t fix the problem right the 1st time???? I can go on and on all day long with questions about your company and I can back it all up as well.

    When I had COMCAST, I never had a single problem, untill time warner took over. I think you need to start paying your customers, because we have to take time off work and go through all this hassle. Also, what is going on with the NFL network as well??? We never had this problem with comcast on the NFL channels. You claim that the on demand is updated, when new releases of videos is released, I think you better check on that as well, because half the time your on demand is never update or you need to change everything on it ever week. Why do you remove channels with out even telling your customers and still charge them the same amount each and ever month??? I thought their was a message thing on the boxes before, so why don’t bring that back again, so we know what the hell is going on with our service. Also, on demand you order a movie and it’s suppose to be on your demand for 24 hrs, so you can watch it again?? Make sure you all check on that 1 everyone, because if you order a movie, I bet that it will not be on the demand for 24 hrs and you will still get charged for it, better check it out on your boxes.

    Also, I have to pay for a remote which is so funny. I think it should be for a period of time. Not the whole time you have service. What happens if you have service for 30 yrs. $.30 x 360 = $108.00 for a freaking remote and thats just for 1 remote, come on now!

    Also Digital Converter, $7.95 come on now.

    DVR service $5.95

    Also, let me ask you this as well. My dad had trouble paying his bills and didn’t return the boxes back for about 4 months and you want to charge him a freaking $350.00 for each box. We should own the boxes after so long of paying for them. I thought your company rents the boxes???? So, if you rent the boxes, then why are you sending the bill for the boxes,,seams fishy to me. If they aren’t your boxes, then that company should be contacting us and not you.

    Just had to say my side, but not done yet. See what the response is now please and I’ll response to you.

    Take Care,

  • Hello!

    Forgot a couple things as well. How much does it cost for a remote???? I can go to the store and get 1 for less then $5.00 for a cheap 1.

    I just found out you don’t rent your boxes, you lease them, wrongs phrase. My next questions is how much you pay to lease them??? Why cant we just lease them from the company and not from you. I bet your making money off that as well.

    I also read a article off the internet about the nfl network and how much you want to charge people and the nfl network doesn’t like it. You also want to make people pay for it no matter what. So, people that don’t watch NFL has to pay for it as well, COME ON.


    I know you need to make money, but not rip people off.

    Also another thing I just seen as well. I know most people and I’m not saying all in this matter, but a $2.95 late fee, now thats fucking some shit (just for nothing). You probably have, I say 1/4 people are late on their bills, with the way the economy is now, but I can predict that.

    But lets say you have 1 millions customers and 1/4 is late every month
    Thats fucking $737,500.00 , now come on with this crap. Some one is taking all this money and putting it into their pocket on late fees.

    Take Care,

  • Hello everyone,

    Got another 1 for you all. Today, I called time warner, because my girlfriend is very late on her bills, when she lost her job! They disconnected her this morning. So, I called and still the same shit. On the phone for about 45 mins or so. I told the women I wanted to pay my girlfriends bill and they asked me, are you on her account and I said no, I just want to get her service back on. And get this crap this women told me I couldn’t pay on it, Now keep in mind I have been paying and helping her pay her bills for over a yr now! I told the women that I have been paying on this bill for about a 8 months now and she still told my no, So, I told her to get me a supervisor and then no 1 picked up the phone and it went right to voice mail for a supervisor. So, I hung up the phone and called back again, after being on the phone for 45 mins, but this time, I got some 1 within 5 mins and told her I wanted to pay my girlfriends cable bill and she said, O.K. Now tell me that’s some shit. These people need to learn their job or just give up.

    Also, keep this in mind as well. When you call, it claims that cable will be restored in 30mins, after payment, doesn’t say it could be longer then 30mins. I have done this a couple times for her and it would be back on within less then 5 mins time.
    So, after about 2 hours, the service is still not on. I’m like what the hell is going on now! So, now I call again and have to wait 23mins this time, just to talk to some one. I finally get some one and tell her the service is not on and she tells me it will be 2hrs to 24 hrs, before service is back on. Keep in mind all they have to do is press a fucking button to turn it back on. I tell her that your company claims it will be back on within 30mins time and then she has the nerve to tell me, to tell my women to pay her bills on time and she wouldn’t have this problem,lol. I was like wow, this women just told me this crap, when I don’t even live with the women and just trying to help out. I wanted to reach through the phone and rip her head off.

    Also, I gave time warner the chance to buy these 2 web-sites, before I start them up and no response from them at all!

    I have gotten over 500 e-mails on these 2 web-sites for offers and complaints and it’s growing every day. Keep them coming everyone, because the site will be up soon and we will let the world know how we feel about time warner, because no one can tell us how to feel.

    How send me some feed back on some logos for the site, if you have any ideals. Right now,I’m think of having a guy pissing on time warners logo, but it’s up in the air right now!

    Take Care,

  • Hello everyone,

    They just keep coming in. Just right now my girlfriend called about adding me to her account. Keep in mind, I have been helping pay this bill for over 8 months now! Calling myself. These people told her that I had to go up to the main office and show ID. Come on with this shit. All she has to do is put me on the phone and I’ll give them all my information. When you call to get time warner installed, they don’t ask you to come up to the main office and show I.D to have your cable hooked up. All they ask is that a grown up is in the house, so they can hook up the cable. Time warner has to get the hell out of Ohio and stay out. These people and their rules. It’s so funny, how a big Corporation,has no clue on customer service. If you have great customer service, then I wouldn’t see so many complaints on the web. I know you can’t satisfy everyone, but with how many complaints are all over web, shows how customer support is and their service as well. I can’t wait till I launch the web-site for this. I have a team working on it and all the information about time warner as well! It will have everything you need to know about time warner.

    Take Care,

  • LOL.
    Gregg, I think the “pissing on Time Warner Cable” is good, but maybe like a stick guy with his back turned to us pissing on the TWC logo.
    Or maybe since the logo looks like an eye, maybe like a spear in the eye and the eye is bleeding…
    Dunno, but I think the pissing idea is awesome.
    The site can also be like a place to refer for some scandal :D

  • Sorry for double posting, but
    I meant that the place would be a good place to refer to for some scandal or rumors about TWC.
    Meh, oh well…

  • Lol,

    Sounds very interesting. We can do how the radio stations do rumors and scandals all the time about people and company’s. Like your ideals and keep them coming.

    Take Care,

    Web-site is coming along great, knock on wood, and hopefully be up soon!

  • Found this website when I googled “time warner sucks.” I feel your pain, people. About a year ago a buddy of mine gave me his giant HDTV because he was moving across the country and wanted to buy a better one when he got there. I grew up without cable, and so I never missed it in the 10 years I’ve been on my own. But with the HDTV it only made sense to get some HD service. So I called my friendly time warner agent and set up the installation. Had to take off work, of course, for that. They sent out some idiot contractor who almost killed himself three times climbing the utility pole in the backyard. Then he had to come inside and run the cable from the living room down into the basement. He used like a 5-foot drill bit to put a hole in the wall and go though the floorboards. Except the idiot had the angle wrong and instead of going down inside the wall, he went all the way through the wall, into the next room, and then down through a hardwood floor. Then he hit a light fixture in the basement. Luckily, the light didn’t sustain any noticeable damage, but unfortunately I had some furniture in the adjacent room that prevented me from noticing how he went through the wall. It them took him about another 2 hours sitting out in his truck on the phone to get the service actually turned on.

    So a couple months later I noticed the damage to my wall and floor. I called them and put in the damage claim, and they said that they would get someone on it right away. The contractor actually did show up to the house and took some pictures, but he never came back to actually do the work. I called time warner a couple times a week, always speaking to the same claims guy (Darnell), who kept telling me that he would get it taken care of. That went on for months. Finally I got someone else on the line when I called on a weekend. He said that the contractor had actually billed time warner for the job, and so they thought that it was done. Haha! Not so, I told him. Someone needs to send my personal claims representative Darnell that memo, apparently.

    About that time I started graduate school and had a new baby, and so I didn’t have a whole lot of extra time to sit on hold with these morons. I just sat on it for a few months until the term ended and I had some patience to deal with it some more. Been on the phone with them more times than I can count in the past 6 months. Every time I’m at the mall I stop in their little kiosk and complain. It’s now been over a year since the damage was done, and there is still a cable going through my floor. I would cancel the service, but I don’t want to do that before they fix the problem. I’m tempted to just stop paying my bill until it gets done, but I don’t want them to screw up my credit.

    On top of that, my DVR completely sucks. It seems to reboot randomly while I’m watching TV, and I hate the new menu system that they installed on me a few months ago.

    Oh, how I loathe this company. When is this website of yours going to be ready?

  • We’ve totally had it with TWC! We had an outage of phone and internet for one whole day last Monday and that was the last straw! We had worse outages before, the more recent was early this month when the cable, phone and internet just went blank..two days before the Olympics opening. We called customer service and set an appointment for Tuesday, between 9 AM to 12 Noon. Came 12noon and no tech on the door. I called customer service and was told that he was just running late and should be here within the hour. Tech arrives exactly 1:10 PM and just to tell me that we have an area intermittent outages for about 2 weeks and that he cannot do anything to fix our unit. I asked him why was the appointment set if they knew about the 2 week old problem and he said the customer service is probably new! After he left, I called customer service again and to my surprise, I was told that the tech was lying and that there wasn’t any reported outage in our area! She said that she will contact dispatch and will sent the tech back to our house.After another hour of waiting, I got a call from the dispatcher telling me that there really was an are outage and that the customer service is not fully aware of the email communications that they were circulating internally. I had to drive to the billing office about a mile away to get the real info and the clerk was apologetic and told me that she will try to resend the signal from their end and hopefully we can get a partial restoration of one of the 3 services. When I got home, I rebooted the cable and modem as instructed and finally got the phone and internet working, but the cable signals were very week and did not stabilized until the next day. I missed work and wasted a whole day waiting and getting nothing until finally I get a simple assistance from the billing clerk. Yesterday, I called Verizon and AT&T to finally get some information on switching.

  • I live in Oxnard, CA (Ventura County) where TW bought out what was left of Adelphia last year. I had an old analog tv and an old Replay DVR that always worked. Then this February I took the HD TV plunge and upgraded to HD digital and got a brand new Morotola DVR. It performed well for about 5 months before it started missing preset recordings saying the drive was full when in fact it was empty. I remembered having to do a hard reset on my old Replay machine when it would freeze up (very rarely)–just like my old PC’s, so I did that and all was well for about a week and then it missed another recording with the same message. I called CS and a nice, apologetic lady who seemed familiar with the problem said she would “reset my services” and all would be well again. It did work fine for about 2 weeks and then the same problem happened again. I called again and got someone who couldn’t speak English who said a technician would be out tomorrow to check it out. He never showed, so I called and was told by a robot that my appointment was confimed for the following day! I let another English speaking rep know I wasn’t happy that the previous rep bungled the appointment date. Anyway, the cable guy arrived and was a fountain of information. After testing the line and finding everything good, he concluded the box was bad and brought in a “refurbished” replacement unit. It lasted about 3 days and started doing the same thing. He was nice enough to give me his direct cell line, so I called him and said I wanted another brand new one, hoping I’d get another 5 months out of it like the original one. He was back within a couple of hours with what he said was a new machine. It lasted one day. Obviously it wasn’t new. Yesterday I took the box myself to the local TW office and demanded a brand new one and was told there weren’t any, but was given what appeared to be a newer model. It failed to make it’s first scheduled recording that same day giving the same old message of being too full to record. This is obviously a known issue with these Motorola boxes which they obviously have no intention of resolving anytime soon which seems like a very bad way to run a business. I would switch to Verizon FIOS who’s latest offer is one year free HD-DVR rental, but I see they have the same Motorola units, but maybe they have better firm/software? Otherwise, if I stay with TW, I may bite the bullet and buy a Tivo and just rent TW’s cable cards for $1.75 a month. Does anyone think it would do any good to write to TW management and complain? I doubt it… the cable guy told me his boss was having the same problem with his box! (after regaling me about the lady who swapped boxes 6 times before she stopped calling) I blew through 3 replacements in a week, so I could set a new record by the end of the coming week, but I think I need to reclaim my life and move on.

  • Hello Everyone,

    Love all the responses and how time warner sucks. Dont worry, I’m working hard to get this site up for all you. I will be also launching a advertisement about time warner as well on google. Keep the e-mails coming so I can add it to my advertisement on some complaints as well. Still thinking, I’m going to go with a guy pissing on the timewarner logo, when the site is up. You will see the advertisement on google on the left side, within the next month or so. This will get their attention when I do that. Knock on wood and hope that google allows me to do this.

    Take Care,

  • Update from post made 8/22/08:

    TW’s home remodeling subcontractor called me about the damage to my floor. He said that the reason it hasn’t been taken care of yet is because TW has to send someone out to re-run the cable so it isn’t going through my floor before he can fix it. He said that he would call Darnell the claims rep and remind him about that. It’s been a week, and I still haven’t heard anything. Messages I left for Darnell have not been returned…

    I’m calling tomorrow and telling them that I’m not paying for their service anymore until this gets fixed.

  • Time Warner fucking SUCKS, all the way to Queens, NY.
    Does anyone else have weird billing issues? For some reason I have TWO accounts with them and the statements are always wrong. I’ve had their internet for two years and have never had a problem. My boyfriend and I decided to get Cable this year after finally being able to afford it. They guy that came to hook up the service took a GIGANTIC crap in my bathroom which clogged my toilet and left my apartment smelling of fritos and spicy rice for days.The on demand service does not work and neither does payperview or some of the channels, (like food network, animal planet..basic fucking shit here guys) that I’m paying for. I’ve called to have them fix it 4 times and every time they tell me to do the same thing. Turn off the box and turn it back on. Are you kidding me? Seriously? The representatives never listen to me..just dead space between their ears. They are sending someone out to look at the box on Sunday. This should be interesting…

  • Hello Everyone,

    get this fucking shit now! Just got it in the mail today.

    Effective August 28th, 2008 the following installation charges will apply:

    connection of service $34.95/service
    additional outlet (same trip) $24.95
    additional outlet ( extra trip ) $34.95
    Digital upgrade/downgrade $2.00
    addressable service reactivation $1.99
    product upgrade $14.95
    road runner wireless (additional ) $29.95
    hour service charge $34.95
    late fee $6.00
    returned check fee $25.00

    Now they fucking doubled there late fee, get the fuck out of here time warner.

    Now a service charge, this 1 i have to call about, because this is so funny. Going to call in the next hour about this 1.

    Now you have to pay a connection fee and for extra outlet.

    I will post within the next couple hours on what they have to say.

    Take Care,

  • (( Very important everyone ))

    When i open up the web-site, I’m asking all people to join forces and lets put a end to all this or atleast try to make them listen this time. Most of your cable company’s will say its a luxury to have cable. Well if it is a luxury, then get your shit working right or start decreasing your prices, because your crap doesn’t work. Also, if it is a luxury, then I shouldn’t have to pay for the news channels, because we all need to know what is going on in the world.

    Here’s what I want everyone to do, when the site gos up in the next month, is for all of us join forces and we are going to plan 1 day or 2 days to stand in front of the timewarner office, so our voices will be heard then. We will be holding signs with a logo od a man pissing on time warners logo or just a circle with a slash through it on the time warner logo. Let me know if you are all in. Its time to do this in the next 6 months. Tell everyone you know and bring everyone your know for this event. This will get their attention now. We have enough fire power and proof to back all are findings, so we will see what kind of excuse they have now, because we know what there respond will be , before they even respond. Soon come time warner, lets see what you have to say now bitches.

    Take Care,

  • lol this site is sooo funny. i just upgraded to road runner turbo like a hour ago for an extra 10 bucks a month but that isnt why im here. i just read this crap about this tiered service they have started out west where you have to not only pay for the broadband but now want you to pay for the gigabytes you actually download i saw 3 different packages ranging up to 40 gigs a months. i can dl 20-30 gigs of info a day easy, as i look at my utorrent info i have dl’d 6/10ths of a terrabyte in the past 4 months and that is light use for me and only one of 3 computers. that also doesnt include web browsing or the 60+ hours a week i waste playing ffxi and running a teamspeak server for said game. can u imagine what i would have to pay at 1 dollar a gig over my plan?

    also the whole billing issue is definatley a scam, i went and paid my bill last month in person. I owed some on last months cause i was short so i paid a bit more then usuall but in the end it said i owed 24 dollars on the balance, ok np get it next month right? wrong i get a bill 2 weeks later sayin that i owe them 347 dollars, i about shit myself when i read that i was like for what? and how when i have the reciept print out sayin i owe $24 on the balance plus the comin month so all together maybe 170 sure as hell isnt any 350ish.

    Oh yeah when i hooked up my rr i locked in 27.98 a month(tax included) well that lasted about 2 months before i was placed in the all in one package (120 a month + taxes) that made my bill go up from like 119 a month to this 145 im payin now. so ther telling me that ther is 25 dollars in taxes on that shit and no matter how many times i call and bitch about the bill theyre going to charge me what they want not what i agreed on? only reason i upgraded my rr today at all was because it gives me more upload bandwidth im fuckin choked out at like 40 kbs with reg. y such low upload? i mean is there a reason for it? seems to me it should be at least 100kbs for price paid and you shouldnt have to pay 10 more dollars a month to be able to multitask on multiple pcs over the net when your already payin a crazy amount to begin with. as for the customer support well that would mean that they value us as people all i have to say to that is hahahahaha.

    what really happens when u call twc customer service:

    Hello my service out can you help me please? o your service is out well that is too bad go fuck yourself. i dont make enough to give a shit, now im gonna make a bunch of empty promises, hang up and quit pretending i care; so i can get back to playin solataire for the next 4 hours till i go home and watch my cable that works. You stand in your house now with your eye twichin a vein throbing in your forehead and you feel like your going to blow a fuckin fuse, now all you can think about is going uni-bomber on your loacal TWC office =P

  • Hey there, i work for directv, and all i wanted to tell you was that directv is so much better than that crap time warner offers!!!

  • lol, twc always blames ur computer if there’s something wrong with connection even though i bought the computer recently. THEY R BITCHES!!!!!

  • I can definetly relate to the problems that everyone is having. Here in Nw Ohio is no different. I have been through around 10 boxes in 2 years. They try to add movies to my bill that i cannot watch. They said that i played a movie asnd billed me for it, even though the ability to rent movies has never been an option here. Lately they have a problem with all the channels freezing up and staying that way for hours, usually during primetime. They are now going through a battle with FOX and have dropped them. We are not getting a discount for their problems either, instead they are announcing they are raising the rates. I think it is about time for someone to start a lawsuit against this company and force them to provide equipment that works properly. I have tried the dish networks too but they go out when the wind blows. Maybe we will be lucky and the whole economic downturn will take the time warner company out, and allow new people to take over and fix the problems.

  • I here ya. I have a friend who lives in Rochester, NY. He hates TW. The NFL network is the biggest reason. I have to break it down but I live in Norther VA. I have COX Cable. I have NBA TV, NHL Network, and NFL Network. And guess what??? I didn’t pay any extra for it. My bill didn’t go up. It just appeared in my Chanel guide. Awesome. I have more channels than I know what to do with. I have cable and internet 15 meg gown plus all premium channels minus the international, but i still get some of those. and my bill is only 120-130 a month. So time Warner is ripping you off. Comacast also has nfl network and there customers aren’t paying any extra. They didnt one day say you want nfl network…pay more.. Nope it just appeared on the guide. Sweet.

  • About 6 times every hour my cable TV will freeze up for a few seconds. I miss part of the dialog, important stuff like “and the winner of project runway is…FREEZE “.

  • Hello Everyone,

    been a little while, just so busy with everything lately. Been getting nasty e-mails about launching my site, so I guess I’m doing something right. I have a team putting the site together and it will be up no later then the 1st week of January 2009. So much to cover on time warner and other cable companys.

    Take Care,

  • Hello!

    Get this crap. I have over a 4,000 members for the site, before I launch it. I went and tried to send over 4,000 emails and it denied me. Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit. I called time warner and asked why this happen. They told me I’m only aloud to send out a 1,000 emails a day. What kind of crap is this shit. Who are to tell me how much e-mails to send out. Now I’m very pissed off. If I want to send out millions of e-mails, then leave me the fuck alone. i can see if I was sending spam, but who the hell you think you are to control how many emails I can send out. If anyone can help in this matter, please email me and let me know how I can send out mass of e-mails to my members. FUCK YOU TIME WARNER SEND ONLY 1,000 EMAILS A DAY!

  • Time Warner Sucks Donkey Dong! That they have been having internet DOS attacks is widely report…and very apparent on my end of things. For the last month I’ve been given “page not found” errors and had to repeatedly hit the refresh button to get to my email, home page, etc.

    So I call them and ask for an adjustment. No, they tell me, it wasn’t a reported problem and you’ve gotten all the credits you are going to get.

    What the *bleep*?! I’m paying for spotless service 24/7/365. Not whatever they feel is good service. And yes, I get dropouts too. Milliseconds of screen freeze with no sound at crucial places in the dialog.

    Really ticks me off.

    So what am I going to do? Reprint all of the news reports of Time-Warner’s problems and a strongly worded letter to corporate offices…which are at;

    Time Warner Cable
    900 N. Cahuenga Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90038

    with copies going to the L.A. Times and the Los Angeles City Council.

    Deny my complaint will ya?!

  • Yeah well every weekend i will be playing xbox and then out of no where i get d/c (disconnected) from xbox. This happens very frequintly and wel i am seriously pissed off because its as if the internet cant handle everyone and if twc wants to keep making money from me the better gets some upgraded software and hardware co this doesnt keep happinin. btw FUCK TIME WARNER CABLE

  • If you signed up for Time Warner for the sole purpose of watching MTV, then you suck as much as the provider. Thus, my advice to you is get a brain and use it for something other than complaining about the idiot box we call television. We live in a “corporate” world, so get used to lowering your expectations of the world… Or, do something instead of complaining about not getting your daily dose of stupid.

  • To John. Why even post an ignorant non-useful post. Who gives a crap what he is watching. The fact is he should be able to watch it as much as he wants, when he wants…And one person is not going to be able to “do something” about it so suggesting that is ridiculous. I do not personally watch MTV but I hardly would consider that a dose of stupid.

  • I forgot to mention. I use my brain more than most people at their job and If i want to come home and stare at my TV like a fucking drone, I should be entitled to it. But thats not what this blog is about. Do you work for Time Warner? I can not stand them…TW bought out Comcast in my area, the first thing they did was raise the price and lower the speeds….After that it has been random outages every other week (no problems with Comcast at all, maybe called them once before TW took over). I call TW more in one week than i did Comcast. And Yes I do realize that they may have been switching domains but I also know that once they did thats when the shit hit the fan…In the end Time Warner sucks and do not even get me started on the cable TV boxes

  • I hate them! I have been fighting with them for 3 days over exercise TV. I tell them how to fix it, they say restart my box. They send a tech out for 2 hours, we have exchanged about 30 e-mails and 10 phone calls. All they have to do is tell the person who sends the programs over that he screwed up and to resend them. But no! I just keep getting reset your box, the box was just replaced for no reason. So I guess time warner can screw themselves

  • Yeah, I’m in the right place! I hate TW worse than all you ho’s! Since they bought out Adelphia – the 1st cable company I remotely liked / tolerated, they screwed up the integration of the 3 companies (comcast included), jacked up my prices & dropped my speed (a’la whocares) and ever since the water mains started breaking all around LA (thank you Green peace beatniks) – the spills send hundreds of thousands of gallons daily of otherwise perfectly good water into the underground vaults of TW’s cable boxes.

    So alot of what we’re experiencing could be from simply flooding. Well guess what – this year will be a wet winter I’m told, so get used to shitty service. I have several VoIP lines into my house, and without even testing a freaking line – they said it was my Vonage & Allworx phone systems causing the problem. It didn’t matter that I told them those systems were disconnected while I attempted the troubleshooting – they didn’t want to hear it.

    Strangely – I got the CSR to spot me for the September bill, as I had a service ticket where TW techs admitted they overloaded my node, causing 100% utlilization / traffic.

    Damn – I can’t WAIT for FoIS to arrive. Not that Verizon’s tech support doesn’t such even worse – but atleast their product is reliable!

    Cheers Comrades!


  • this isnt even a company-just a collection of confused illegal aliens drinking their lunch as they fuck up your cable/internet and then drain ALL your local resources with their filthy bastard children.

  • Not only do I have to fight with the fucking Internet which is in fact a 5 megabit download and 1 megabit upload get this it goes out 6 times today in maybe ten minutes. Peak perfomance times are shit and you can’t get another ISP because the faggets juts buy them out. I will one of these days find the guy who made this shit infastructure those fuckers call Internet. Fuck them they don’t know what good Internet is. They say their connetion is all fiber when in fact it is actually just copper. So you catch them in a lie there. They don’t even know what good internet is. I went to japan to visit my friend for a month and he had 100 megabit download speeds for his Internet which is about 10x faster then twc and yet he pays 50 dollars for his Internet equivalent to the Japanese yen. I am sick of their shit. If you ask them to repair their internet they say it is my router/equipment. I have been through 3 routers and it was still doing the same thing back when I was naive enough to believe the bastards. They can seriously blow me and they need to stop ripping people off. Speeds that will blow you away is their motto. That is so inaccurate it makes me want to vomit. They need a fucking overhaul on his whole fucking Internet bullshit they call an infrastructure. Oh yeah btw I am only 15 and I am going to fucking shove my 12 guage up a twc ceo’s ass and pull the motherfucking trigger. Congratulations on the website and I don’t know if it is open yet, but I hope the website gets noticed by twc and the change their shit ways before they gets sued by cities all over either way it is a win-win for me because they either change or turn to a coagulated washed up pile of shit in a gutter somewhere as the earth eats it and devours that shit hole they call a company into the fiery depths of hell. This is my rant.. Well have a good life as twc slowly rots from the inside. THE POWER OF YOU (also known as twc’s motto haha what a fucking joke more like the power of me to fucking beat twc CEO’s head in)

  • Hell F’n Ya brother!

    I’d have to second that comment about the illegals running the company. One came to my house about 20 months ago, while I was working on the computer in our back house (my office). Dude strolls into my yard, grabs MY ladder from the side of the house and props it up against the house. I’m like WTF?!!?

    I go outside and ask him what he thinks he’s doing. He’s like – no hable english. I figured he was some sorta cable tech, but he had no badge, couldn’t speak english and apparently drove up in his clapped out 1985 Chevy Astro van (or what was left of it). He muttered something about disconnecting my cable, as someone in the area was stealing cable TV.

    I mustered up every ounce of polietness, and asked him to walk out front while I called Time Warner to see WTF was going on. He waited for about 10 minutes while I began what ended up being 40 minutes of HOLD FUCKING HELL with my local office Time Warner. When I noticed he grabbed his own ladder and was heading into the back yard once again, I peered out the door as he began to position the ladder along the side of my house again.

    At this point, I figured I’d utilize my universal translator…..NO….not my Star Fleet academy issued one….my USMC issued one….AKA Colt .45.

    With the holstered pistol at my side, I told in forcefully to stop what he was doing and leave the property IMMEDIATELY. He looked at me and pulled out his dikes (wire cutters). I unsheated my 7 inch full sized 1911, and yelled at the TOP of my lungs – GET THE FUCK OFF MY HOUSE NOW, GET OFF MY PROPERTY or YOU WON’T BE GOING HOME TONIGHT….

    clearly now – I have his attention, and he tries apologizing in Spanish (how considerate). He leaves the property as I wait for my BP to return to normal. After 30 more minutes, TW comes on and I immediately ask for a supervisor, who did confirm that someone was out in the area, but they should have a vehicle and badge clearly marked. He suggested that next time I call the Police versus taking matters into my own hands….what a douche….. Par for the course at this company.

    Come on Verizon – get your heads out of your butt and get FIOS over to my place – like right now! I’ll even have beer and preztels for your crew….sheez.

    Ps – Yeah – Time Warner sucks BALLS….like he said!

    • look tim only cuz this guy was illegal it doea not mean that all illegal immigrants are stupid and idiotics. I know many and they proven to accomplish a lot! Just how there are dumb ilegal immigrants there are also dumb white people and black or chinnese or ECT. So if I was u I won’t judge cuZ u can also be stupid yourself in some ways. Nobody is perfect!!! We are all human being!!!! Ignorant! Next time refer to an immigrant as a person n stop discriminating!

      • I was surprised to see the dates on these posts. Most of them being over a year old, yet still relevant.

        Now, in reply to Jacky:

        How about you learn to use proper English and spell things that make sense? And about discrimination, referring to someone as an immigrant isn’t ignorant. Calling someone ignorant for referring to some as an immigrant when they clearly are is ignorant on your behalf. He didn’t call him anything rude, besides bleeping curse words at him, which seem relatively appropriate considering the circumstances. And you should learn to read as well. Not once did he actually call the man an immigrant. He referred to him as an illegal and described him as speaking only Spanish, using his ladder to climb on his house and driving a beat up old Chevy van. I would have to concur, given the evidence that this man was probably up to no good. Despite the fact he may or may not have been here illegally, I am fairly certain certain that one could reason this man was in fact an immigrant from a Spanish speaking country. I am guessing that, 1) you are a very young person who doesn’t care about anything – including spelling things correctly – except following the liberal media and the next “hottest” thing, or 2) you are a graduate of our wonderful Public Education System. I would like to say that I meant no insult, but considering how snarky, ignornant, and inconsiderate you were with Tim, I would like to respond with some intelligence and some wording that may “put you in your place.” I am guessing you will probably take that out of context too and say that I’m a racist. By “putting you in your place,” I mean showing you that you clearly misunderstood and blatantly bashed the man for how he told his story when you obviously have no understanding of what the words you use, such as “immigrant” mean. Nor do you possess the slightest understanding of how to use a keyboard and a spell check.

        Now on to something a little less individual-directed:

        Time Warner is quite possibly THE worst television/internet provider. They are always inconsiderate, very rude, and don’t really care about customers – which, if that had a lick of sense, would tell them is quite important, considering how customers are how they make money.

  • Well…..This is why everyone hates Time Warner. I posted an ad on Craigslist and a Time Warner employee responded. These are his words sent from his TW email account..” guys like you fuck it up for the rest of us who actually PAY for our cable…don’t be an ass…do it right and pay your fee every month like the rest of us do!!!” Then he goes on to say “Ohhh well cant say I didn’t try to warn you…lol once a felon always a felon I guess…bet you’re a welfare cheater too hmmmmm food stamps fpr cash and all that??? Or do you just whore yourself out on the street corner for nasty old guys who want dick???? If you actually have one that is….” All this from his work email mail account. After I cut and pasted every name from the Executive Management Team and informed him that I was going to forward every email to each and every person on that list, this is what I got “Actually I know when im beat..what can I win”. And when I CC him in on a few emails that I had forwarded I got this “Ok I have apologized what more do you want I will be lucky to make it through the day…” and “Again I apologize you have won…I am gone thanks” Then I replied “maybe I should forward these emails too? Look, next time you decide to mess with someone you don’t know maybe you will think about it! I only started CC you in on half of the emails that I forward to every Time Warner Executive Management person. THINK DUDE!!!!! Your work email!!!! and I’m the dumb ass? who’s the ass now? Have a great day! or not!” and got this in response “I do are right” All this on company time. maybe this is why Time Warner Customer Service is so bad! They are all on Craigslist answering ad’s on company time.
    And This is why I hate Time Warner!!!!!
    After I forward this to every Executive Manager do you think I got a response. Not a one!!!!!! They don’t care!

  • I hate TWC…I have had there services for 60 days, and 60 out of 60 days my internet services went down for most of the day. I have had full (new) installation from the main cable being dug in the yard to all cable lines within the house replaced. Still, there is still the same thing going on with the internet. I have had a tech come out to the house to try and fix it every week, along with techs missing there appt…(time is money)! And there customer services department also sucks. When I just got so tired of there services and wanted to cancel they keept giving me the run around. Not to mention the attitude they gave me! An also the fact that I was denied when i wanted a refund for services. This lady I talk to had the nerve to get an attitude and tell me “What makes you think this wont happen if get services from someone else, and then what!”….. Am sorry but WTF. This is poor people relations, also she should get thrown on a island like the leppers and die… If anyone is gonna get TWC services in the 28544 area DONT DO IT.

  • You know what I’m glad there are even more people out there like me and hate twc just as much as me. I have had to use my cell phone all day because my internet is down and I called twc and they tell me to unplug my modem for 60 seconds then plug it back in. Did that and it did not work and the lady said she was going to send a technician out and I told her to go and Fuck herself and hung up the phone. I am fed up with twc and their false ads I emailed them about am hour ago and told them to be expected in court soon for false ads. Fuck twc.

  • time warner cable Sucks!!!!! I just have 3 days with this crab n is already fucking up like u guys says it keeps on pausing freezing n then my tv screen all of a sudden turns black!!! Stupid cable!!!!! I’m so done with this shit!!!!!!!!!

  • Time Warner Cable. What can I say? I pay waaaaay to much to get waaaay to little and slow service. I have the top rated speed in my area and I still have to wait for buffering videos and speeds that should be upto 20mbps drop to like 6 mbps or 4 even. I want to see videos stream smoothly not choppy shit or low quality tradeoff. I soooo wish I had U-verse and their faster speeds. I keep checking and checking, once it’s available… GOODBYE FOREVER TWC. You SUCK!!!

  • Its 2012 & yess time warner you still suck! If you came across this post , this is one of Many consumers {humans, customers, people} that are tired of being ripped off by corporate crappy businesses. You know what im talking about, if you were one of those Millions, suckered into trusting a General motors dealer, for one of those built to break pieces of crap they call cars. <rant, im not dum enough to buy 1, but i know of millions that did { dexcool classaction lawsuit} Rant< Anyhow, where was i , Time warner you suck & in 2012 your Boxes work apparently as CRAPPY as yr. 2000!~ Does time warner own sprint? because they suck too.
    Maybe ted turner gets Corporate welfare for all the defective boxes? $$$$$$$ Because they are without a doubt the crappiest service in town……………..Men went to the Moon in 1969, & T.V. was there for yall, if you had an antenna.
    Who would thought a 1970s pos Chevy vega, would be more reliable than time warner Cable. Maybe its too windy out!


    You did it Online to me last nite ! What gives you the right while im reading to invade my space & put up a A presidential Election Questionairre? My Vote is My vote. Thats no different than opening up the ballot boxes…………………….

    In my book, its illegal, i think you should Cease & desist.


    THE QUESTION IS A B C , to get out you must change the channell.\\\ Or leave the page on the internet… Where time warner is watching your every move.

    My answer to your questions about my Vote, ” FUCKOFF”

  • Fuck Customers…TWC can give a fuck about you and your family.. if you dont like us go fuck yourselves and leave our company..

  • Time warner is awful. Enough said well no there’s a lot that sucks about them. Usually shows with high ratings will have this problem in order to get you to change the channel and boost ratings for other programs sponsored by time warner. Kinda like censorship to boost rating for other shows. So yeah they suck. Customer service is awful and the problem is never fixed. Why well like I said censorship to boost other shows ratings.

  • I think TW sucks badly as well. For some reason every time my bill is 3 days before due TW sends me a “friendly reminder”. OK, I know it is due in three days…. fine, shut up. I don’t need the reminder. The thing that pisses me of about it is they send it to me through my browser, which makes me have to reboot my computer. Besides that, I use automatic bill pay anyway, so I don’t need the reminder. Just another reason that TW sucks nutsack… As if the fact that I have to disconnect from my wireless network and reconnect every time I view a page for more than 2 minutes because every time I do I get page errors wasn’t bad enough. TW cable is the shitiest ISP in history. FUCK TIME WARNER CABLE. I can see that TW has sucked for many years from reading some of these posts, which is one more of the many reasons I regret subscribing to their low-quality horse shit.

  • 3 years ago I suffered from a fire in my apt, that was started by my upstairs neighbor. I was blocked from entering my apt for over a month, and called TWC the day after to explain my situation and cancel my service, but they still ended up charging me over $600 for “not returning my equipment”! It was a closed off fire scene, WTF???

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