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Britney Fires Her Manager


Britney Spears is in for yet another break-up. The rehabbing pop tart has reportedly dumped her manager, Larry Rudolph, again. According to Page Six, Spears ditched Rudolph because she blames him for her recent career missteps — the most prominent of which, she feels, was her brief and crotch-shot-filled friendship with Paris Hilton (which quickly turned into enmity). Spears famously reunited with Rudolph — the manager who saw her through the peak of her fame — after she announced her plans to divorce Kevin Federline. The two have been rumored to be on rocky ground ever since Spears left rehab at Promises Malibu late last month.

Britney continues to shake up her management team, deciding to rehire her former publicist, Leslie Sloan-Zelnick, the uber-rep responsible for spin control for a variety of starlets, including Lindsay Lohan. Sloan-Zelnick was reportedly furious with Britney for doing the infamous Matt Lauer interview without her input, and the two ended their relationship soon after. Apparently Britney recently reconsidered, and Leslie’s back on-board, so at least her split with her manager will be spun well in the media.

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  • Britney is making some interesting choices lately. By that I mean, its amazing she can still stand up after all the shit she’s drank and put up her nose. also, she looks strung out and like she’s five years old. Except for those calves. If you had meat on your bones like that, I’m pretty sure no one would recommend a dress that short. Unless your management team was trying to f*ck up your career. In which case, Way to go Brit!!! Excellent and intuitive move, to fire them. I support it.

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