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Lookin’ a Little Fat in the Legs, Aren’t We, Nicole?


Hey. I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking.

Also, it has just occurred to me that the Tower of Badass that is Joel Madden can’t be much taller than, say, 5’3. His bio says he’s 5’9″, but there’s just no way that’s true. Nicole is barely 5’2″. She’s wearing flats in these pictures, and he’s hardly taller than she is. So, like, Joel Madden, hardcore rocker/heart-breaker, comes up to my shoulder. Awesome.

nicole3.jpg nicole2.jpg

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  • PLEASE don’t use fat in context to Nicole Richie…we don’t want to give her any excuse to go all anorexic on us again! I think “healthy” would be a better word.

  • I agree with everyone above me. And now to start on you for saying Joel’s short. He clearly ISN’T as short as you point him out to be. You guys Photoshop photos like crazy. If you can alter tons of peoples’ body, you could clearly alter his height. Oh and leave Nicole alone, at least she’s healthy. She clearly isn’t fat.

  • What the hell!!You saying her (an anorexic) legs are “fat” will just make everyone else who’s legs look bigger than that, feel enormos! I also agree with the comment above about Joel.

  • Stupid website this is…
    she has gorgeous legs, and whoever wrote this is just a dumb superficial prick.
    Plus, he’s not short. Let’s try to be smart here, right? His legs are open so he can take a step, while her right leg is fully streched. So, basic anatomy and proportion… he’s is at his minimum height at the walk, while she’s at her full height.
    Dumb stupid people who worry about such ridiculous things, saying bad things about people who are only trying to live their lives. U’re a complete waste of space and food. Self-centered scum of a bitch. U MUST SO UNHAPPY! DIE ALREADY ‘CAUSE THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE! DUMB-ASS

  • Hey !,
    If this site is so stupid the why the fuck did your stupid ass take the time to post an entire paragraph? And if you’re reading this, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL HERE? Beet can post whatever she wants. It’s people like you who take everything way too seriously that make absolutely no fucking sense. Piss off you cunt. Go get laid.

  • Wow, u have to be kidding me. You think her legs are fat??!! You are crazy and your website sucks because all you do is say so many negative things about people. For pete’s sake, Nicole just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and she looks like a gorgeous mother.

  • First, I think her legs are that of a normal person’s. But, they are larger than her EXTREMELY thin legs she had before. What I think you should’ve taken note of is her underwear are nearly showing, not that we haven’t seen that before.. but if you look closely, you’ll see the dress is WAY too short. Also, Joel isn’t that short.. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were 5’5,possibly 5’7.

  • eu não sei sobre o que dizer apenas acho que o Joel Maddem é lindo de mais para a anorexia sa Nicolie Richie( espirei) .Ele merece alguém com estilo.A filha deles é linda tomara que fique como o pai.

  • I have stood next to Joel Madden he is the same height as me which is about 5’8″. It’s just the angle the picture was taken at. Just google his name and you will also find a ton of other photos of the couple where he is obviously much taller than her. Fuckin retard do at least a little bit of research before you run off making ignorant comments.

  • oo.. Are you kidding?? she is beauty..? no.. stop.. please.. she is wrong girl and I hate her… Joel is very good-looking.. But she? not..

  • Do you just make this blog to feel better about yourself? Having some confidence issues? Oh so the rock star reaches up to your shoulder… I bet that gives you a sense of grandiosity. You don’t need to put people down just to feel better about yourself, why add to all of the problems that celebrities already have with their images, not to mention all of those young girls that idolize them and want to look just like them. If a self concious girl who is average in size sees that you are calling Nicole Richie, who is already below average, fat then how do you think she will feel? I wouldn’t be able to live with the thought that my unnecessary comment caused someone to become anorexic. It could happen, so stop calling people fat. They are what they are, and if they are comfortable with themselves, then that is beautiful, not the size of their thighs, butts, noses, boobs, or stomachs.

    I LOVE YOU JOEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fuck you

    i bet you sit there writing all this shit about people you dont know

    you continue to do so cause you’re jealous that you will never know them, or be like them

    and i also bet that you are a fat fucking cunt yourself

    lose some pounds

    or you could just commit suicide, that would be better

  • She has not fat legs at all. But I must say I was surprised that her thighs were that big. And with big I mean, much bigger than I thought, I thought she was extreamly thin.

  • How The Fuck Are Her Legs Fat. What The Fuck Are You If You Think Thats Fat!? She’s Bluddy Gorgeous And It’ss Good To See Her Looking Healthier. So Shut Up!

  • i love how every single person who replied on this doesn’t understand…sarcasm, or irony, or i don’t know…A JOKE. hahaha no one in the world could possibly think she is fat, and yeah, she was unbearably thin, and now she’s just normal thin. its called a joke. jesus.

  • you’re obviously just envious or a complete moron. Nicole does not look fat at all, her legs look thin, healthy thin and much better then they were, the main thing about it is, if she is HAPPY WITHIN, it has nothing to do with anyone else, as long as she is happy.

    She is far from fat, and there is more to life then being anorexic or not, grow up whoever wrote this article.

  • They ARE NOT fat!!!! My first thought when I saw them was that she has gorgeous legs! And I’m very happy to see Nicole at a healthy weight. She used to be anorexic. She looks great here! And I repeat, NOT FAT.

  • OMG! YOu call THESE legs fat??? She is extremly skinny and beautiful!!! FAT!!! I have 10000% bigger looking legs. So again, she is absolutely not fat. She’s beautiful.

  • Those are not fat legs. Those aren’t even chubby legs. Those are skinny legs. If they were any skinnier, she would look sick. Nicole Richie is probably the very last person I would think of as fat.

  • Wow. You people absolutely disgust me. So if you aren’t walking around with little chicken legs and the body of a 6 year old then you aren’t considered ‘hot’ or model worthy? If you have slender thighs or big calves with curves, you’re considered fat and ugly? Whatever body shape you or anyone in this whole world has is absolutely flawless in its own way. Don’t let these insecure Hollywood reporters such as these tell you legs like that are fat. Don’t let them be the critics of what’s hot and what’s not. They’re just a bunch of losers we call paparazzi who like to creep on these poor celebrities.