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Michelle Williams Needs More Exposure to Both Food and Sunlight


On the set of her new film, Incendiary. She also looks about thirteen years old in these pictures.

michellewilliams2.jpg michellewilliams3.jpg

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  • I’m not suggesting she get a Hilton-style spray tan, I’m suggesting she take steps to address the translucency of her skin. I can see all of her veins!

  • I know its an old post, but I must say Michelle looks like crap. I never understood why Heat Ledger hooked up with her. Probably just a fling, but he got stuck cus her ugly ass got pregers. I am glad the baby looks like him. She is so scrawny, ugly and dead looking. and yes she do need a tan. Orange is better than that crap. I am glad I am hot and dont look like a weird 10 year old. She used him for stardom, before him she was S@@T.

    RIP Heath


  • I think she’s gorgeous, not fake, and very natural. It’s a nice change to find that in Hollywood.

    By the way, she also looks like she’s 13 because she’s EXTREMELY petite, which is something most people don’t realize. She may not even be 5′ tall.

  • well,,,, she looks really like an anorexic.
    she was so different before , i like her face now,
    but she is anorexic.
    heath must had difficult time.
    i hated her in dawson. yak….