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Marcia Brady Was a Total Cokehead


So apparently the original Marcia Brady — Maureen McCormick — told People magazine that she used to be both bulimic and a cokehead. I can’t find the story anywhere on People’s website, but I do have this link to the website of some South Carolina local news station that starts their coverage of this with — and I urge you to confirm this for yourself — the following lines: “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. It’s a good thing Mr. Brady isn’t alive to hear this.”

Yes, that’s so true, WLTX out of Columbia, South Carolina. AIDS gets a bad rap these days, but, without it, men like Robert Reed might still be alive today. You know, to hear that his co-star on a television sitcom that wrapped filming over thirty years ago engaged in recreational drug use and battled an eating disorder as a teenager. But, thanks to AIDS, we don’t have to worry about that happening.

Anyway, the rest of the story goes like this:

The eating disorder came first. She says it started when she went back to public school when she was 17. Then a boyfriend introduced her to cocaine.

McCormick says it became clear she has an “addictive personality.” After several relapses, McCormick says she cleaned up through therapy and faith.

But really I don’t care much. I just laughed out loud at the first paragraph on WLTX’s coverage and I wanted to share it with everyone else.

Thanks to IBBB for the heads-up.

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