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Hilary Admits That “Baby Fat” Was Kind of a Lie

So obviously when Hilary Duff got really skinny she wasn’t just “losing her baby fat” as she kept repeating to the media. Hilary says she felt pressure to lose weight which makes sense since the second any woman in Hollywood strays from washboard abs blogs put them on “bump watch.”

“I did get skinny. I’ve felt that pressure like everyone else in my position. When a newspaper comes out that says ‘Duff Puff – she must have gained 15 pounds’ or something like that, how would any normal person react? It’s so mean, but everyone keeps buying that stuff and talking about it, so it’s not going to go away.”

I’m happy to say Hilary does look more healthy these days. It is honestly sad that a lot of these young starlets compare themselves to fugs like Nicole Richie who just look ill rather than thin and fit. Hillary take a cue from ScoJo…work your womanly curves and let the cokeheads of Hollywood do their own thing.


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