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Don’t Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Orange Like Me?

Spray tanning is never a good idea…neither is frosted lip gloss. I can’t belive hottie Josh Duhamel is hitting this, something is wrong in the world.

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  • i can’t believe that she actually looks worse than she does from far away!! she looks horrible!!!
    I don’t like fergie with josh duhamel. he deserves prettier

  • Fergie is as hot as Josh..And I think That she’s very very lucky.
    Josh..U’re good enougth for her.
    I’m mega fan of fergie and I think that she’s very beautiful!

  • Fergie is soooo beautiful, i have the oportunity to meet her, and she is gorgeous, so don’t say anything if you don’t really know. And also she is very talented so shut the fuck up¡¡¡¡¡

  • In response to the comment that Josh would look better with Molly Sims on his arm, he would look better with most ANYONE on his arm.
    As for all of you who argue that she’s gorgeous and talented. She made her fame on spelling out the word GLAMOROUS! Anyone could do what she’s done. It’s harder to understand why she’s so famous. She’s just another vapid, talentless slut who made it big.

  • Anyone in here realize how few of you are leaving comments on how much you hate her? Any of you realize how many people LIKE her and buy her albums? I wonder which is the minority…. As to her spray tan… Everyone pulls a beauty no-no at least once.

  • hi!!! in my opinion josh is very hot!!!! he is too good for her… however i wish a happy life together…. you are a very lucky girl… enjoy it

  • well…. I don’t know what to say about this I love fergie’s songs.. but…..

    it could be maybe a bad shot… or sadly she could look exactly like this.. not quite sure. :/

  • molly sims and josh are hottt together fergie is a jerk josh deserves molly i bet molly is just dieng for josh and fergie to break up so she can date him i know i cant wait till they break up molly and josh look good on camera and in real life some one please get rid of fergie please oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!1

  • molly sims and josh are hottt together fergie is a jerk josh deserves molly i bet molly is just dieng for josh and fergie to break up so she can date him i know i cant wait till they break up molly and josh look good on camera and in real life some one please get rid of fergie please oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • common… all of us have bad pictures!! and u kno it!.. fergie is very pretty and has an amazing style!! it won’t change.. god bless fergie and josh together ^_^.. it’s wat’s inside that matters.. looks aren’t everything tht’s why the world’s gone bad!.. if u take some1 for their looks and their personality sucks, ur gona dump them up bcuz u’ll get bored of them eventually!!!

  • sorry but do any of you know Fergie? she is an actully a really nice person. but all you superficial people only care about looks. Okay so you looks like an orange and the colour of her lips are bad. but could it be the light or something? all you sad people shouldnt care about how people. like diana said, she’s very pretty and has a good style. she’s her own person and thats what you should all care about.


  • i think that fergie is a very pretty woman, every 1 accidently has beauty fuck ups, its just because your jealous of her that she is famous,rich and has a really hot hunk as a boo.
    good luck to them, they dont need you to bring them down !!

  • How can u be so mean , she is intelligent , wonderful , inspiring , sweet , down to earth and damn amazing !
    u haters better get thinking . what is the point she has acceived much more than i have .

    it just shows how JEALOUS you are and who u sooo need to get a life instead of sitting there behind your computers talking BULL about people .

    stop posting ridiculous comments like that . if you have nothing nice to say DONT SAY NOTHING AT ALL because it is just a complete waste of time.

    think about what your doing

    ”please! i bet non of you haters can even can compair to fergie, what is up with the high standards??? He is super hot, but did you evr stop to think that she is awsome and that’s why he loves her??? Gsus!”

    EXACTLY what im thinking

    do you produce great music like that ?
    do you have a boyfriend / husband/ fiancée who loves you as much as josh loves fergie ?
    do you NEVER EVER make a mistake ?
    are you sooo perfect and wonderful that you should be fergie instead ?
    NO WAY
    do you actualy do something useful in your life ??

    think about that and think about reconsidering about what you say thats soo mean to hurt another human being.

    okay okay . not everybody likes fergie or rihanna or beyoncé or even me but if you dont like someone keep it to yourself and keep it in your head ..


    fergie is beautiful and we all (including u ) have bad picture days fergie dosent even look orange so i suggest u get a mirror and take a look at yourselfs and you LIFES

    thankyou for anyone who agrees with me xxx

    p.s to the person who said he deserves prettier …

    fergie IS pretty and coz u saw a picture of her and you didnt like the lipstick or spraytan WHY DOES IT MATTER . its the PERSONALITY that counts u should know that by know !!
    come on …..

    you sound like a mardy 3 year old all you haters .

    Fergie is my idol i support her in everything maybe one day youll actualy meet her and realise that she is a wonderful person and she deserves a hell load more than u do . u mean old farts


  • oh my god you people are unbelievable fergie is pretty maybe not in this shot but shes pretty inside and out i can not believe how mean people can be no wonder there are wars going on its because people can not agree on the same things and people like to make fun of other people life is just unfair

  • Fergie doesn’t even look bad in this picture! She looks pretty and the only thing that could look wrong with this picture is that her lips stand out a bit, but still it suits her. People who dislike her are just saying all that nasty stuff as it’s an excuse to slag her off because they think she looks ”plastic”. But really you should NOT type that sort of stuff, I mean… At least at the end of the day, Fergie can take all that make up off and the tan will gradually fade, but most other famous people are ”Fake” and can’t change over night back to their natural selves like Fergie can. Lay off with the harsh comments. Fergie you look great! x

  • The funny this is, shes with Josh & he loves her. So for all you people who don’t have anyone half as sexy as him? SUX FOR YOU. There must be something wrong with you, if you think theres something wrong w/ her & shes married to someone this gorgeous. Either way, girls are very hypocritical and pick things apart, guys look at the whole package and she is obv. attractive, not to mention her body is banging’ so i doubt it matters what you unimportant people say. Since, I heard Justine Timberlake talking about her sexiness in an interview before….sayin he had a crush on her. Not you though, her. =)

  • I was just chatting with my friend about this yesterday at Outback steak house. Don’t remember how we got on the topic actually , they brought it up. I do remember eating a excellent fruit salad with ranch on it. I digress…

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