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27Andy Roddick and His Buddy

Where is Mandy Moore when you really need her?

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March 8, 2007 at 7:39 pm by Evil Beet
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27 Responses to “Andy Roddick and His Buddy”

  1. Fonzie Weber says:

    Maybe it keeps popping up?

  2. tripe pusher says:

    i think since that recent pic of his vph and the site calling it his peepee hes got all self conscious about it. I actually think he is trying to arouse himself to make it appear bigger, and in all of those pictures he is looking up which i assume to be the screen which displays the match. So i think hes trying to get off on seeing himself fiddle, or making sure hes being seen to be fiddling to get him on web blogs (which he believes will reinstate his macho-ness, but ewww), or maybe hes worried that its getting smaller and is checking its there.

    Andy roddick has a small weener and his tennis is crap, federer on the other hand – that man is seriously packing. Hewitt is too, those guys have got yummy schlongs that make tennis arousing to watch. Andy, i suggest working the bum angle more, more bending over and tieing shoe laces.

    • AussieDan says:

      Hewitt does not have a big one, I can promise you that. Sometimes he protrudes a bit but it is deceptive. He’s pretty average really.

  3. Dean says:

    I like his junk too.

  4. clumberboy says:

    Crabs or Rugburns ? hmmmmmmmm…

  5. badingerzie says:

    maybe he’s uncut… and he’s bushy… i hope you guys know what i mean by now ;)

  6. Too easy says:

    I’d be obsessed with my pee-pee too, with a name like ROD-DICK.

  7. dinner says:

    These pics are from the Australian Open. Why are they turning up now?

    Incidentally, Roddick always tugs his wee peen during matches. Agreed he’s got much more to work with in the back. But he’s a fuckwad, so who cares?

  8. rodrocks says:

    TOO BIG. :D

  9. pat says:

    The way Nadal pushed Roddick around the court at Indian Wells the other day, why hell, he’s probably just checking to see they’re still THERE….

  10. richard says:

    andy roddick.. its os hot.. i think it the best of the world.. i feel for anmdy games

  11. ashley says:

    i’ve seen his penis and its sorta on the smaller side but its not like a micro penis. He’s at least 5-6 inches.
    and so what if he grabs himself once in awhile
    tennis makes you sweaty and his balls could be itchy

  12. Big Al says:

    Andy is oh so very hot and to see him grabbing himself is very lovely i love these pics.

  13. ahjs says:

    how big is your dick roddick scrach your more in the maches close to the camra

  14. i would be obssesd whith that dick if i had a name like yours andy rod_
    big dick

  15. AndyPhereAHHHH says:


  16. balto says:

    Andy Roddick is fucking hot!!!!! i’d suck his big or small dick any day!

  17. Andy Roddick says:

    Maybe a mosquito thought yummy 25 year old 6ft2 stud and found its way up his shorts and landed on the circumsized head of his big fat cock and was feeding while Roddick just had to take it like a man and get on with the match

  18. Ali Cakes says:

    Ask any of these fine ladies who have had his cock, mandy moore, maria sharapova, krystle russin, brooklyn decker, they can tell you for sure.

  19. krystle russin's a skank says:

    Shut up, the only man Krystle Russin hasn’t fucked in Austin is lance armstrong cause he’s not a fucking actor. You think Andy Roddick’s like a famous tennis player, hot ass, rich, winning the U.S. Open 2003 would be fucking good enough for her. No she only goes out with fucking actors, she fucked like this one actor before she turned 18 and like now she got all she deserved cause the actors don’t want her now so she dates like an old man in New York. She dumped Andy’s ass for some old man ass, good for you skank!!!!!! Andy is doing a Sports Illustrated bitch!!!! Look at what you’re missing out on!!

  20. Krystle Russian is Crazy says:

    To “krystle russin’s a skank”,
    Krystle Russin is not a skank. She is a pathological liar, an extreme narassist and has some serious mental problems. Feel sorry for her. Hopefully she’s getting the treatment she needs.

  21. To Krystle Russian is Crazy says:

    Guys, leave the accusations on your iPhone. You have bigger problems, because I know who you are, and you responded on nearly 50 blogs with rude comments about Miss Russin, nearly all the same timestamps. Hmmm.

  22. post or pre roddick? russin's bfs she dated in texas says:
  23. post or pre roddick? russin's bfs she dated in texas says:

  24. jelena says:

    how long is his penis?? :D

  25. just how long have you ever been a blogger?

  26. John Bynum says:

    Andy’s wee wee is beautiful, just like his smooth, hairless body.

    It is somewhat more than a mouthfull and any more is wasted.

    He is one of the best tennis players in the world. What are the complainers in the top ten in the world in besides bitching.

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