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Oh, Jason Wahler! There You Are!

I was wondering what had happened to you. You haven’t been on our radar for months, so I figured you were probably in jail. I was close: you were in North Carolina.

Wahler, age 20, was busted in a raid on underage drinkers at a North Carolina night club this weekend. Wahler lied about his age and refused to show ID, so he was taken to the county jail early Saturday morning, where he screamed obscenities during the booking process. Cute. After spending a few hours in jail, he was released on $1000 bail.

Jason’s no stranger to run-ins with the cops. He was arrested in late September of last year for engaging in a physical altercation with a tow-truck driver, and in early September for saying some retarded shit to a cop (and being retardedly coked up at the time).

Hey, Jason, maybe it’s time you lay off the substances, eh? I dunno, just an idea.

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