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A Royal Tea for Helen

Oscar winner Helen Mirren has been invited by her magesty, Queen Elizabeth, for a royal tea later this month. Many have speculated that the Queen was a bit miffed by a movie based on her experiences in the wake of Princess Diana’s death but she has come out saying that she supported Mirren’s Oscar campaign.

Evidently the Queen is a big fan of Mirren’s work and has her own DVD’s of her in the “Prime Suspect” miniseries and “Calendar Girls.” She hasn’t seen “The Queen” because it was be too upsetting considering the subject matter.

“She thinks that Helen Mirren is one of the best actresses of a generation. There is no way Her Majesty would sit down and watch a film about the days after the death of Princess Diana. The memories and the subject matter are far too close to the bone. But equally the Queen still wants someone who is one of her favourite actresses to get the credit she deserves.”

Helen had a love fest for the Queen last night during her acceptance speech and dedicated her award to her. I’m guessing that the Queen will be quite pleased. Reserved, quiet, sensible but quite pleased.


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