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Brady Excited About Bastard Baby

Tom Brady, mind you who has a new supermodel girlfriend, is TOTALLY EXCITED that his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan (aka. Mr Big’s wife), is having their baby!

Ok, I do find this really hard to believe since it kind of makes him look like a jackass dating a leggy Brazilian supermodel while his devoted girlfriend of three years pops out his bastard child but he took the high road and issued this statement though his agent today

“Tom and his family are excited about the pregnancy, and want to thank everyone who has shown support, and particularly for their consideration of Tom’s privacy,”

This is the first time Tom has spoken about the baby since Bridget announced that she was three months pregnant on Monday.

Many have speculated that Tom was none to happy that Bridget got preggers right at the end of their relationship and many believe that she tried the old “pregnancy trap” to get him to stay.

All I know is that this kid will be gorgeous.


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