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American Idol…The Madness Begins

So American Idol has picked the Top 24 and now comes the fun part. I personally hate the stupid audition parts where they make fun of unfortunate people. It is funny but it gets really really old. The Top 24 are a very fun looking group. The guys are pretty cute and honestly I’m very impressed by the voices this year.

Here are some of my favorites that I think you should vote for next week!

Sanjaya Malakar: A 17 year-old cutie who is the first Indian to make it to the Top 24 on American Idol. He has a great voice and is adorable. I feel like he will start to come out of his shell and really stun the judges once the show gets rolling. Check out his MySpace here.

Jordin Sparks: This 17 is from the great state of Arizona which makes me love her already but she also has a kick-ass voice. She was already a winner on America’s Most Talented Kids and she won the Arizona Idol competition as well. For more info on Jordin click here.

Sabrina Sloan: This girl has an amazing voice and has been a bit overlooked throughout the audition process. She is a Northwestern Musical Theatre Program graduate who has toured the country with Hairspray. Get ready to be wowed people…my prediction is that this girl goes to the Top 12. For Sabrina’s MySpace click here.

Chris Richardson: 22 year-old Chris Richardson really is the hottie of the competition for me right now. The Justin Timberlake comparison aside, he really does have a solid voice and I am very excited to hear more of him. To check out his audition video click here.

And for a little bit more American Idol lovin, here is my favorite group audition from Tuesday.