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Paris Packs a Pipe Like a Champ

Since it is Celebrity Drug use day I thought that I would post a fun photo of Paris Hilton. You know, from that little site that she is using for publicity. I find this one particularly funny because I think Paris actually does have a redeemable skill other than partying and posing for the paparazzi. I think she is really good at smoking weed. Usually she is smoking with someone else (the person taking the photo in question) but she is always the one packing the pipe/rolling the joint etc…

So for those of you that say “Paris Hilton isn’t talented!” maybe we have found her one true talent. Think about it. Back in the day there was always that person in high school that was just really good at getting that weed ready to smoke.

Since Hollywood is like high school…maybe Paris is just that person. Not only does she buy her friends admission to the hotties parties but she packs their bongs. Beautiful isn’t it?

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    • Hey, Axel Rose. I’m not sure what the sentence “Y’ALL DAMN RIGHT…PARIS IS ANOTHER RETARDED” , In all CAPS, means exactly but lets keep it above an eleventeen year old level here ok. Pot is great and you can smoke weed and still be very intelligent or, for some, very, very dumb, Case in point. Also, let it be clear that weed, by definition is a drug, but not in the sense of causing any sort of damage to your body besides tar in your lungs, loss of some memory, and the munchies :) . I do not think pot is a drug really, the government would legalize it if they could control it and make ALL the money from it. Right now in fact they already grow tons, and tons of the best pot, medicinal marijuana, a strain called G-13. Stands for “Government Marijuana”. “M” being the “13th” letter of the alphabet. And you know they get millions of people hooked on synthetic heroin a.k.a. OxyContin. Wait nobody say it, yea I have too much time on my hands.

      • wow first of all… g13 has been around prolly before you were born ..and me to infact. dont go making all these govt. accusations before they send someone out to blowyour house up and make it look like an accident.

  • dont use the word retarded……
    and pot is amazing i wish i had all of that weed in my pocket right now.

  • thats not all she knows the two best talent she has going for right now
    is packing the pipe w/weed and laying on her back getting bang.thats all she good for andget on 4 legs fiqure out the rest. lol

    • How would you hear if you don’t suck c*** yourself? I’m sure you heard it from one of your “clients”?

    • I’m sure you “heard” that from one of YOUR clients…I mean come on, how would you hear it if you didn’t suck c*** yourself eh?

  • why am i not supprised and who the hell would take out drugs in publicc if people always follow you around……………WITH CAMERAS!!!!!!!

  • paris is just enjoy her day enjoying more than you or anybody up here because she made money laughing at you when she was stoned stop bothering her so she can quit drugs

  • that’s not paris hilton…. she wouldn’t wear tommy hilfiger. i don’t like the cunt, but that’s definitely not her.

  • oh my God you guy cant even tell what is in that bag. Just because its a zip log bag doesnt mean its drugs in it. Some people need some real help and not only that you cant tell that person IS NOT paris hilton!!!! she has more of a longer face line this person has a round short face

  • First off I don’t believe thats Paris Hilton either.
    And who fucking cares if she or any other celebrity is smoking,
    if you were to see just a random person (which i believe this actually happens to be) smoking weed or anything else you probably wouldn’t even bother commenting. Unless you just wanted to force your opinion down their throat. Who cares its their life get over it! Think of it this way Celebrity’s smoke weed to relax from all the shit you give them.. anyways have a nice day.

    oh yeah. from what I’ve heard the only reason they won’t legalize pot is because they can’t tax you for it…

    • That is Paris go on Youtube and there she is talkin away while shes smokin this pic is fpom Youtube.

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  • okay, who cares like honestly
    it’s her life and if she chooses to smoke chron then let her,
    it’s not your life is it? din’t think so.

    besides like 60% of the world smokes weed.

  • That’s Paris you dopes. Sans hair extensions. This is from a homecam the person she was sitting with took in Amsterdam. I can recognize her by her lower lip – that line down the center of it. Kinda weird…and may I ask, why do people who can’t spell or construct a decent sentence always post comments?? Who cares who’s smoking weed – how about making a HUGE fuss about rampant illiteracy???!!! So sad… K, sorry, I’m out. :)

  • fuck a deceant sentense hahaha shes gotta do what shes gotta do …even though the chronic is only going to slow her brain more then the actualy pace it fuctions at…

  • okay, once again, you have it wrong.

    first of all, weed can kill you.

    second, paris hilton is beyond help.

    third, don’t say you like drugs online. the fbi can track that comment.

  • I wonder why so many people like to comment stuff. Why is this kind of spending your free time so popular? Maybe people have a lack of communication in real world? Maybe that’s because they have a lot of problems in reality and want to run away from them? Maybe they need new impressions and experience? Or they just got suck here? I don’t have a clue. What do you all think?

  • Forgive ME, but more about the subject, please!! You are going away from the topic too frequently, therefore it is uneasy to read your posts.

  • shes in amsterdam in that pic… and she tokes like a dickhead… i want a bong right now… actually im gonna go have one. thanks paris

  • If she really needs to suck something, my c**k is available for her oral needs. Oh wait, she already done that for the world to see, I forgot.

  • ok first i just wanna say drugs are bad. second, i think we should ENCOURAGE paris to do them so maybe she will overdose, and hopefully die.

  • Why are so many people against weed?
    What did it ever do to them?
    It’s just a plant made by God.
    Columbus brought it over on the mayflower.
    Nobody has ever died from weed.
    I think everybody should shut the fuck up.
    I don’t like Paris and I won’t stand up for her
    But I’ll stand up for weed any day!

  • “some people love the ganja mattsahottie is a fucking retard im sorry for that word i hate people like that who are against everything and stupid fucking bible thumpers you cant overdose fuck head read something to do with pot asshole”

  • i hate niggers,jews,chinks because they all stank! all them hip hop listen thinkin there the best dancers big nosed demons breahin the white mans air and did i mention they stink!

    • White power, Did you make it all the way to 5th grade before you dropped out of school? You are a fucking coward and a moron.

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