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Sarah Silverman, Will You Be My Sister?

I spend a truly unforgivable amount of time watching television by myself in my living room. I get considerable enjoyment from most of these hours, but it’s very, very rare that I will actually laugh out loud, by myself, in my living room while watching television. Laughing, in that respect, is different from the consumption of alcohol and/or week-old pizza and the use of my vibrator. But I digress.

I totally laughed out loud tonight. Like eight times. I don’t know what it is about Sarah Silverman, but her comedy is truly original. It’s tricky to pin down what makes something funny, but I’ve heard again and again that humor is something both true and unexpected. Sarah’s a genius with this, particularly the latter part. I mean, at this point, we do expect to hear from her on the Holocaust, black people, gays and the government, but somehow her angle is totally fresh each time. There’s no way to explain it. You just have to watch.

If you missed The Sarah Silverman Program, catch it one of the 1800 times Comedy Central will rerun it this week. You won’t regret it.

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