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Dude Rejection is Ugly

Remember “Crazy Mary” from last season of “American Idol?” She told us back then that “she had a lot of voices.” She also was one of the most awkward human beings I have ever seen in my life. After her bizarre audition she had a brief moment of fame (via the entire free world calling her a total nut, but any publicity is good publicity right?) but we haven’t heard of her much since then.

She was off to beauty school back then…or so we thought. Looking at her MySpace page she admits that her AI “performance” was pretty much an act. She is an aspiring comedian who is looking for

“Anyone who wants to make any sort of comedic or dramatic collaboration with me. Anyone who wants to write screenplays and make films. Anyone who wants to assist in the production of a punk rock musical. Anyone who wants to start a band. Anyone who considers themselves to be strange, and is proud of it. Anyone who wants to fuel their creativity in any way that I might be able to help them with, or vice versa.”

Looks like rejection made her a bit dark.