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Anna Heche: Still Sane and Well-Adjusted

At least there’s one constant in Anne Heche’s life: the crazy. The actress, who dated Ellen Degeneres during her “yeah I’m totally into women since I can’t land an A-list man” phase, has left her husband Coley Laffoon, a camera man. The two met, ironically, while working on a documentary about Ellen’s return to stand-up comedy. They have one son together, which they opted to name Homer — you know, so that he’ll get beat up a lot.

Why the split? Apparently Anne has fallen for her Men in Trees co-star, James Tupper, who has — of course — a wife and child. There should really be an “Anne Heche Ruined My Life” support group. A twelve-step program even. And Anne Heche should attend meetings regularly.

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  • My husband and I were just agreeing how Men in Trees would be a great show if she wasn’t on it. Her pasty skeletor face, perenially dirty stringy yellow hair and manic eyes are equalled by her bird-like twitching and nasal deliveries. She is so unlikeable to watch, her bizarre energy is just a reflection of her inner neurosis. The girl is just a train wreck waiting for her next victim. Unfortunately, this time it’s her child, her husband and her latest future victim’s now ex-wife. This is the woman who told Barbara Walters she has an alter ego named Celestia (or was that Sybil?) and wrote an autobiography “Call Me Crazy.”

  • I’ve been a fan of Anne from her AW days and it hasn’t changed one iota after this news. But then again I watch for acting — no one has to meet my personal criteria of moralistic and ethical standards for me to enjoy them doing their job.

    I also am able to distinguish between fiction and reality. Guess I’m just “crazy” that way.

    For me Anne makes the show. She’s beautiful and a very talented actress. I love the chemistry between Jack and Marin. They along with the rest of the great characters are a joy to watch.

    What the actors do on their own time is their personal business so unless I’m one of the soon to be ex spouses I’m not getting all offended because to me: that’s the real “crazy” at work here.