Today's Evil Beet Gossip

So You Think You Can Sundance?

Hello, lovely readers!

I’m taking off in the wee hours of tomorrow morning (read: 10 a.m.) for fabulous Park City, Utah, where I will be covering the Sundance Film Festival for through Monday. I’m taking Spiteful Lars with me, because he makes me laugh and he’ll carry my bags.

This means we are leaving The Beet in the very capable hands of Miss Evil T, who will be popping in every now and then to make you laugh and to keep you updated on the very latest gossip on the five celebrities who will not be with me, snorting cocaine off Christina Ricci’s ass-cheek in a predominantly Mormon state whose bars close at one in the morning. will be covering all aspects of the festival, with regular video updates, film reviews, photo galleries and staff diaries. You can check it all out here. So read it, watch it, look at it, link to it, live it with us and love it the way we love you.