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OMFG Law and Order Aired an Episode About the Death of Anna Nicole’s Son Before the Bahamas Authorities Have Decided Whether to Have an Inquest

This is pretty unbelievable.

Did anyone catch L&O last week? (I think it was last week.) The episode was all about a gold-digging woman whose recovering drug-addict son dies in her hospital room. Her “publicist” was with her at the time.
It veers off from there, as L&O is wont to do, and it turns out the kid had, like, a bone graft from some dead chick who’d had ovarian cancer because some doctor hadn’t properly screened the material and was obtaining it illegally. Whatevs. It is sad that this information is currently taking up space in my brain.
Point is: Dick Wolf & Co. wrote, filmed, edited, distributed and aired that entire episode before the good folks in the Bahamas have decided whether to have a formal inquest into the death of Anna Nicole’s son.
They say they’ll make a decision “soon,” and that this process has not taken “unusually long.”

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