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A New Princess Di?

I don’t really keep up with the Royal Family. Sure, the normal Christmas card exchange and the occasional pheasant hunting, but other than that it’s not like I know what’s happening in their day to day lives. Which why I was taken aback by these two articles:

A Royal Replacement?

Prince William’s Gal Pal Kate Middleton Lands in Spotlight

What the hell? It seems that Prince William has a lady, and that lady could one day be the Queen of England. By the way, that second article has really poor photos of our gal Kate, she looks to be far more attractive normally as the above pics suggest.

Anyway, I guess I’m happy for the Brits. If indeed they want a new glamour Princess I say it’s high time they had one, we’ve all healed and such.

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  • kate middleton is the average girl next door for the average boy next door – just with lot’s of money [from uk taxpayers]

    next you’ll be harping on about how she is really a supermodel and superbrain but giving it all up for a shot at the blue blood.

    J-Lo she ain’t