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Oops!…She Did it Again!

Not Britney this time.
Once again, sucking on a teat…that of a brunette girlfriend, true to form. Katie Rees issued a statement after the first set of incriminating photos surfaced stating that the photos were “an isolated incident.” Maybe not so much. These pics were taken in a different location than the first set, and on a different date. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, Katie. The guys (and girls) looking on appear to be enjoying it quite a bit. Since this whole beauty queen thing isn’t working out for you, Kates, maybe you should try your hand at porn queen. You seem to come with plenty of experience.

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  • This is first time in my life when I don’t know what to say. After reading all comments I’m shocked. What has happened with our society, with our young generation? They are commenting terrible information, their lexis sounds terrible. Is that true, that only words they know is “cool”, “cute” and cussing words? What are they thinking of? It’s better not to think about it, it’s too sad

  • Vampiress13, you make me laugh. Apparently, you have not been on the internet very long.

    If you’re expecting to find wholesome, enlightening comments on the internet for an article with the tags “MILD PORN” and “MISS NEVADA”, you’ve really got another thing coming.

    Welcome to the World Wide Web. It’s a dark scary place, not everyone can handle so much information. Can you?