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Snipes Surrenders

Wesley Snipes, who was indicted in October for tax evasion, surrendered himself to Feds this morning at the Orlando airport. Snipes pleaded not guilty on all charges, and says he looks “forward to clearing my name and resolving this issue post haste.”

Last month, Snipes authored a Lohan-style letter to a columnist at the Orlando Sentinel, comparing his arrest to rape and implying that the actions of the Federal government were racist. He and Lindsay should team up and just start issuing these rambling, accusatory statements jointly. Snipes could be in charge of making sure that “adequate” is always spelled correctly, and Lindsay could make sure the letters get into the hands of the New York Post’s editors, rather than floundering at some smallish Florida paper. It’s the Dream Team of crazy!

The charges carry a maximum of 16 years in federal lock-up for Snipes.