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Perez Hilton on Howard Stern

This is a recap of Perez Hilton’s visit to Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show this morning, via I’ve posted the whole recap here for those interested, but have bolded what I feel are the most interesting tidbits. If you heard the show, and there’s something missing here, email us or leave it in the comments!

Howard said that he gets a copy of The Onion newspaper every morning and it’s pretty funny. He read some of the headlines and an article that he thought was pretty good. He had to get to Perez Hilton ( but Fred told him he had to take a break first. A short time later Will came walking in with Perez so Howard asked Will if he actually listens to the show out there. He told Perez to just come in and sit down since he was already in there.

Howard asked Perez if he’s getting famous now that he’s got this web site going on because he sees him hanging with Paris Hilton and other young celebrities out there. Perez said that he wasn’t popular in school, he had kids picking on him and grabbing his back fat when he was in an all boy’s school.

Perez said he now has like 4 million people checking out his web site every day so the site is huge. Howard said that it’s obvious that he will never bad mouth Paris Hilton because she’s his friend. Perez said he still gets calls from her when she gets mad at something he writes.

Howard asked Perez what the last thing was that Paris got upset about. Perez said that it was a cartoon of her that she didn’t like. [Ed: I seem to remember a cartoon on there a few days ago of Lindsay, Paris and Britney, bare-bottomed, but it’s nowhere to be found now…anyone else remember this?] Howard said he read that there are rumors that Britney Spears and Paris Hilton might be lesbians. Perez said that he wouldn’t be surprised at all because both of them have said they like girls. Perez said that they probably have eaten each other out. Howard asked him if he’s ever smelled pussy on Paris’ breath. Perez said he wouldn’t even know what pussy would smell like.

Howard asked Perez if he thinks that Britney is having a break down because she’s out partying and flashing her beaver everywhere. Perez said that Britney has been a party girl for a long time and while she was married she was pregnant so now she’s back to partying again. That’s all it is. Howard said he saw the pictures of Britney Spears’ vagina on Perez’s web site and it looked like there was an odd piece of flesh down there. Perez said that she may have had a tummy tuck and that might be what the skin was.

Howard said that Beth goes on his web site like 4 or 5 times a day and she shows him what’s new. Perez said that the last time he was on the show he had broken the news that Lance Bass was coming out. That same day Lance announced it. Perez said that Lance has now broken up with his boyfriend and he feels bad about that. Howard read that Perez thinks that they broke up because they were both ”bottoms” in the relationship. Perez said he has friends who know the two of them so he hears things.

Howard asked what happens if two gay guys are bottoms. Perez said that sometimes the best tops used to be bottoms. He said he’s not a bottom himself.

Howard asked Perez about his web site and how he confirms his stories. Perez said he does like to confirm stuff before he puts them up. Howard said he saw Perez arguing with a photographer one time over the use of their photographs. Perez said that some of them like him and actually send him the pictures. Perez said that he got a picture from a fan who had a picture of Priscilla Presley pulling back her 17 year old daughter’s hair while she’s making out with her 24 year old boyfriend years ago. That picture ended up in the newspaper today and Perez thinks that it actually helps to sell pictures when they appear on his web site.

Perez said that when he started his blog two and a half years ago, he wanted to write about celebrities because they’re so much more interesting than he is. Howard asked Perez about outing people on his site. Perez said that he always gets confirmation about people being gay before he outs them. Howard said that some of them may not want to be outed though so maybe that’s not right.

Perez claims that he knows that Clay Aiken is gay but his record label won’t let him come out. Perez said that people tend to believe the artist and Lance Bass could have continued on pretending to be straight for years.

Perez talked about the face to face meeting he had with Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas recently after he had bad mouthed her so much on his site. He said she seemed to like him at this event he saw her at but he will continue to write bad stuff about her.

Perez also claims that he has celebrities who will call him and tell him stories. He said that John Stamos called him before he did Howard’s show last time and asked him to promote his TV show. Howard asked him if John shares stories about Rebecca Romijn. Perez said he hasn’t heard anything but Howard told him he has a lot of dirt on her and it could be big news if he could give it up. He won’t spill the story because John has asked him to keep that stuff quiet.

Howard asked Perez if his web site is doing well. He said it’s never been better but he has started his own merchandise thing to help offset his legal costs. There are people suing him over the pictures he uses on his site and he thinks the only way he can fight it is in court. He said that he’s fighting for himself and for all of the other bloggers out there.

Howard asked Perez who the biggest celebrity asshole is. Perez said that Jesse Metcalf is one. He also said that Jennifer Aniston is another big asshole. Howard asked him who the hottest star is right now and who he has to write about. Perez said that every day is different so it was hard to say. He said that Brad and Angelina are always hot but right now Britney Spears is really hot.

Howard wondered why Michael Jackson has fallen off the face of the earth. Perez said that’s because he left the country. Howard asked Perez when he was last banged in the ass. Perez said it was a long time ago. He changed the story to when he last banged a guy in the ass but Perez said it’s been a long time. He did blow a guy about a week ago.

A caller asked Perez where he can find the Britney Spears pussy slip pictures. Perez said you can search his site with the ”star seeker” thing on the left side of his web site. That led to Perez talking about Britney for a short time and how she had 3 pussy slips in one week.

Another caller asked Howard how he can have this guy on the show when he says that the kid from Kyle XY is gay when the kid has come on the show and denied it. Perez said he’s heard that the guy has a new boyfriend and he still insists that the guy is gay. The caller asked Perez when he’s going to die of AIDS and said that if he ever sees this guy he’s going to slap the shit out of him. Perez said he must be doing something right to elicit such a violent act from someone.

Howard wrapped up with Perez and gave him another plug for his web site and talked about how often his girlfriend checks out his site. He went to break after that.

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