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Nicky Hilton Sues for Hotel Name

Nicky Hilton is being forced to take a break from planning the launch of her be-penised line of boutique hotels, Nicky O, as she’s suing Eneliko Smith, a man she’d hired to help her develop the hotel. Nicky says Smith “held himself out as an experienced operator and marketer of boutique hotels.” Well, Smith is clearly far more experienced in matters of business than the wee Hilton, as he had the foresight to file a patent application for the name.

Nicky is pissed — she’s asking for damages, and she wants a judge to issue an injunction prohibiting Smith from using the name. Smith claims he created the concept for the hotel, and that it’s well within his rights to apply for exclusive rights to the name.

After this is all over, Nicky will consider incorporating the business venture she’s been working on for over a year, and, if all goes well with the Miami grand opening next year, she’ll look into an insurance policy sometime in late 2008. But lest we judge too hastily, let’s remember that her older sister chugged a bottle of Grey Goose and puked on a Las Vegas stage this weekend.


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