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Daniel Craig is Hot

I was a little hesitant, much like the rest of the free world, when they announced that Daniel Craig would fill Pierce Brosnan’s shoes as the new 007. I knew he had rocked Sienna Miller and done a movie called “Layer Cake” but other than that I was a little taken aback. I loved Pierce Brosnan. He was the sexy Englishman that I’ve been looking for all my life. Daniel Craig seemed more “dirty hot.” Well I am seeing this movie pronto because this man is super sexy. This photo above demonstrates why the ladies will love Daniel Craig.

I have also heard fantastic things about the film. It is supposed to be a darker take on 007, how he got his license to kill. At least Denise Richards isn’t in it. She was the worst Bond girl ever. Here is a snippet of a great review.

“The new film is a crackling adaptation, and heartwarmingly old-school. Casino Royale opens in black and white, features a grainy bathroom brawl, and just when you’re getting used to the way this Bond kicks, makes him jump up and shoot at the camera, making the screen go red. Wow. Cut to a superbly animated title sequence and the finest Bond song since the Sean Connery films (It’s called You Know My Name. Chris Cornell, take a bow) and the purists are enthralled. This is bloody classic.”

There you go ladies and gentlemen! Check it out this weekend.

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