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Angelina Jolie’s Bodyguard Arrested

Three of Angelina Jolie’s bodyguards were arrested in India today, and later freed on bail, after parents at a local school complained that they were injured and abused by the bodyguards. The problems began on Thursday, while Jolie was filming A Mighty Heart at the school in Mumbai, India. The gates to the school had been locked during the shoot, but were opened so that parents could pick up their children. At this point, the guards allegedly pushed a small child, and referred to the families as “bloody Indians.”

Jolie’s lap-dog and apparent spokesperson, Brad Pitt, has apologized to Mumbai police for the incident: “I am sorry for whatever has happened and for any inconvenience caused to the sentiments of people. We love children and would not do anything to harm them.” Don’t worry, Pitt didn’t suddenly get even more ridiculous-sounding; this quote comes from the Mumbai police chief, paraphrasing Pitt’s comments to him.

Jolie did manage to make a statement of her own: “As for this horrible rumor that someone referred to a local man as a ‘bloody Indian’, let me say this: I would never work with anyone who was derogatory towards another man’s race. My family is of mixed race. It is not surprising that the press involved failed to mention their share of the responsibility in the chaos.”

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