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You Told Me To Do It…..

Here is a quote from my comment section.

“You can enjoy beautiful concert videos of Justin performing at the concert (and accompanying himself on the guitar) on the You Tube site, or you can check out his Myspace Site as well for more current and accurate information.”

So you know what I did? I went to You Tube and I checked out some concert footage from his New Jersey concert. I forgot that, yes, he does have quite a nice voice. That is great that he is quite talented. I don’t question his talent but what I do question is his star power. A search of You Tube yields the following results for Justin Guarini performance videos.

Justin at Max’s Bar Mitzvah
Justin at Six Flags New England.
Justin at The Trump Marina.
Justin has his “famed” New Jersey concert

Also his fans are called Jguars. Interesting choice y’all.
Can a celebrity do something interesting please? If any of you have any news on K-Fed’s bad behavior while he was married to Britney please let us know. There are stories out there I know it!

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