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Oh Look There’s Weed in Paris Hilton’s Bag

Either that or she never knows when she’ll need pepper flakes.

[via Horny Oyster]

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  • i dont know what kinda weed you guys got in LA but THAT does not look like weed, maybe MAYBE a bunch of roach weed, but ew that looks gross

  • All the weed in LA is the best stuff not that DIME crap you want weed u get by the POUNDS!! then bag it ur self.. AMATURES..

  • either that aint weed or that aint paris hiltons purse….she wouldnt be smokin anything that looks like that

  • all I know is that I’d like to get some decent stuff here in Colorado. It’s all just overpriced crap!!!

  • Looks like ground up shrooms to me. Too brown to be weed. Shrooms is the only thing i can think of that you would carry in a plastic baggy in your purse. No way does an heiress buy bunk weed and then let any one see her with it! Rock On with your crazy ass drugs Paris!

  • does not have to be shwag.

    green aint always best –

    can be well cured good quality dark weed like hash plant or hawaiian…

    but picture is too blurry to really tell

  • shit those guys on top xD

    come to nl we made snoop doggy dog going down after 5 joints only

    nl owns in weed growing \,,/

  • ow and i see why paris is so fucked if you smoke that shit

    used toilet paper rolledup or something? xD

  • yep, that is definetly NOT weed.
    a multimillionare heiress wouldn’t be smoking dirt let alone be caught with schwag. anywas. i agree its prolly shrooms or hash

  • yeah this is true. that doesn’t look like weed, almost hash, but not quite. she’s rich, it could be anything she felt like buying.

  • ok ok. so heres a bigger pic from this same website& the bag looks totally different& Alot greener. whateverr, evryone knows she hits the hayyyy

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    Paris Hilton: I’ve Never Done Drugs » Paris Hilton Tells Larry King on CNN That She Doesn’t Do Drugs But Here’s a Picture of the Marijuana in Her Purse


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    4 Responses to “Paris Hilton Tells Larry King on CNN That She Doesn’t Do Drugs But Here’s a Picture of the Marijuana in Her Purse”
    Andrea Says:

    October 5th, 2007 at 1:18 am
    Fuck yea Paris! SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY

    George Forman Says:

    October 10th, 2007 at 6:05 pm
    BITCH That is my weed

    Anonymous Says:

    October 16th, 2007 at 6:06 am
    fuck dis

    MELA Says:

    December 9th, 2007 at 7:51 am
    i bet she gets the best weed.

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  • man that’s weed, it’s just really good looking really tight lookin weed. It comes in all different shapes and sizes and colours (as long as the colour is green) but it’s weed nonetheless so…ya

  • that looks like rat shit i smoked all kinds of reggae and dro and neva seen nothing like that. if anything thts some crumbled up shrooms

  • That’s 100% not weed.
    My money is on mushroom caps. Exact same color, hard to tell for certain though…looks like caps though. And damn, thats a good amount of shroomage. Hope she knows to share some of that with people….

  • that weed looks like shit. i would hope paris would only be smokin drow… if not she is an idiot and wasting her money.

  • I Wanna titty fuck her than get in thos legs then cum in her hot ass face god i wanna fuck here pussy thin steel her weed then fuck here some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • all u guys are lame…thats not weed…and NO its not shrooms….get ur drugs facts straight…u douchebags!!!! if thats weed in her purse…then it must be…STRESS!! and yes LA does have the best weed ever,….fuck u haterz!!!!!

  • seriously…all you freaks that claim to know what good weed is, should make a trip up to British Columbia. There’s a reason why we’re known as the Marijuhana capital of the world.

  • we get some pretty good pot here in america can you say purple kush, humbolt county, or blueberry bud? plus we are probably smoking some of your great canadian shit. oh and that is definently some bunk ass shit in paris’s purse!!!!!!

  • I’m not going to rule out the possibility that it might be weed, but that is only because I don’t know 100%. But, If I had to make an educated guess, then I would say that it isn’t. Paris Hilton has millions. Do you really think that she would be buying shit that looks like that. I’ve bought cheap shit that looks a hell of a lot better than that. And so little too. Maybe she keeps her mexi stash at home and just wanted a little for the road ya know? Then again, Paris Hilton is not the sharpest tool in Americas big fuck off shed. Somebody probably just convinced her and she fell for it. Typical celebrity. Way to go Paris…you smoke shit weed. Good for you. If you’re going to go to rehab or anything, don’t you think it should be worth it. You don’t want to get treatment for a drug that was just shit do you? Jesus, some common sense now and again never hurt anyone.

  • HAHAH that looks like sum poopy greens! she should hit me up! and i dont see a big deal bout it? im the biggest pot head in my whole school and i know that for a fact!

  • Okay just to throw it out there..
    Maybe because she has soo much money thats what millions of
    dollars buys you in weed. It sure as hell doesn’t look like weed to me,
    but then again I’ve never spent millions of dollars on a bag of weed.
    I’ve probably spent close to it threw out my whole life, but never in just one night.. What about any of you??? No saying it is weed though cause it really doesn’t look like it. Just thought I would throw another “maybe” into the mix…

  • God, I hope she never meets some of the posters here in the comments.

    Anyway, Let me first point out, that to me, it seems to be way too red to be any shroom i know, unless it’s a crushed fly agaric cap. Anyone consider that it could be some of that legal bud shit? Looks like it. Mabey she doesn’t like cops!? And about good weed, Try going to holland before saying your shit’s the best. There is good weed in america. And canada has way sweater tasting buds and a more pleasant high, than the cat piss smelling humbolt weed.(dilute the shit fuckheads) Nitrogen can also be achieved other ways, ways in which I prefer.

    The best weed I ever had was from Amsterdam. It was called eidlewiese, anyone from holland should recognize that name. Not everyone who’s tried it agrees that is is the best, but many do. I suggest giving it a shot before saying yours is the best. It’s an all white bud, hard as a rock(very dense), yet light as a feather, and the buds stick to your fingers in the worst of ways, you could load an ounce with one finger. No shit. Oh and brick walls might poof out at you like giant pillows as you walk down the road. a nice heavy clean high.

    P.S. I have smoked tones of humbolt weed, because i was stuck for a month with access to nothing else, thought I deffinately don’t think it’s the best, at least it’s not dirtweed, or schwag.

  • Could be weed. Don’t deny it. It could be anything. And if thats weed, it’s probally some pretty good shit. Indigo weed is natrually dark. White Widow ain’t even that bright(under the crystals of course), it’s pretty dark actually. But like most of the comments on here, I agree, it’s probally some shrooms.

    Dude above me either knows his shit or don’t know anything.

  • I’ve also bought that legal shit and very well could be that. “Big Budz” from “” has that redish look to it.

  • Its salvia……that also explains the amount she has……who gets there buds in a bag like that………..The old sandwinch bag is the only way….its salvia….. that shit is fun and she would totally try it….hey i would try it with her.

  • haha looks like cloves, i smoked weed that looked like
    that before. NEVER AGAIN horrible stuff….it actually made
    me ill. defo NOT hash :-)

  • looks like some mexican dirt weed (bammer) and by the way LA does not have the best weed…gotta head to northern cali for the best :D

  • i think paris is trying her best and i like her and i go to all hallows and i am in yr 9 and everyone says that she needs to get a grip and start concentrating on her job

  • omg… even paris hilton smokes weed now… wtf is happening to this world haha
    n yeah thats weed, not all weed is green… dont talk like u noe weed if u have no idea obviously haha

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  • I hate people that come on here and tell people they dont know what theyre talking about. First of all its not salvia…because who puts salvia in a fucking bag when it comes in a container? And i doubt shed get shrooms that dirty. I think she just got ripped off, cuz lets face it, u really think paris knows SHIT about weed. Shes probly just doin it to be cool, cuz any true stoner would be too paranoid to keep the bag right in the open anyways:)






  • Nooo that’s not weed 100% Dope don’t looks os here in Swizerland in Europ is the best stuff.

  • Boulder has some of the best weed around… The guy that says Colorado has shit is retarded or doesn’t know how to find good weed.

  • oohhh shit.. its pott… i´m german but the dutch stuff is the best stuff=)

    only dutch pott…. snoop dog smokes 2 dutch blunts and he is down =)

  • WTF is that??? You’re telling me someone that rich can’t find anything green. Eugene, Oregon is where your drup pimp should be purchasing from.

  • Its her brain with some rat shit. fuck man who gives a fuck wat she smokes either its rat shit or human shit there all shit and shes gonna become a old saggy shit soon if she keeps smoking at this rate. anyway w/e that shit is in her bag…its some nasty crap cause it looks like dried shit.

  • its is mids seedy stemy nasty lol def not shrooms if shrooms were grinded up all the crystals and pores would be at the bottom of the bag and it would be useless

  • yo this shit in her purse looks like saliva mixed with shrooms and mabey a little skunk weed…..i meen she has so much money she prolly likes to get REAL fucked up….it would make sence her mixing her stuff a bit…better high….and PS creeper is the shit

  • lmao paris hilton is probably too busy smoking pole to smoke weed, that looks like some fucked up shit.
    why do you all care anyway though, lmao :P

  • Its not weed Dumbasses
    Its called Saliva.
    It gives kinda gives you
    the effects of weed.
    but ITS LEGAL.

    look shit up before
    you post crap saying paris hilton
    has weed in her bag. and its not even


  • I know mexicans with better weed then that,

    and paris if you read this hit a nigga up.

  • to all people in england that is not weed it is called Black us english people grind it with our weed and smoke all it does is give you a little extra buzz lol

  • I prefer reading this kind of information when I’m alone in the room, so no one would see an expression on my face. It’s disgusting! I don’t believe a single grose word about it!

  • yo ya stupid bitches hahaha i nowhat that weed is it hawian gold yea right dumb fuck who ever wrote on this wall is stupids fuck cuz that is not paries hiltion and that aint weed you dumb fucks it not even in L.A hahahah

  • definitely shroom caps.
    and a good amount.
    and thats not paris hilton.
    its a dumb ass blonde girl lookin for attention.

  • Fuck u motherfuckers u don’t now nothing about weed u poor fuck why don’t u come over 2 holland so i can leartn u how 2 puff bitchezzz

  • i think pars sud get sorted out she is gunna become a druggy lyk amy winehouse i no she canth help it bt i think she sud nt take it if u want 2 here more call this num 07880776494 n ill talk more x

  • who knows maybe its the chronic we really dont know if i was rich i would buy nothing but the chronic

  • i rekon its defintley Salvia one because shes guna try sum good ass drugs and i personally dont think she wants to be seen with just weed yano…
    Smoke tht shit ina bong and its a serrrrious outa body experiance…
    she guna try tht defintly

  • i rekon its defintley Salvia one because shes guna try sum good ass drugs and i personally dont think she wants to be seen with just weed yano…
    Smoke tht shit ina bong and its a serrrrious outa body experiance…
    she guna try tht defintly

  • yo i don’t know what you guys talking about, you guys get some ghetto weed up there
    We got some reall weed up here, so shut the fuck up you pussy

  • way to go paris and thats not weed.i bet none of yall americans smoked some really good quebec gold thats the second best out in canada but its rare.i gotta give it to b.c. though there shit is the bomb.a 5 piece gets 5 people high.but if u want the sickest weed head out to amsterdam ask for the great white thats the sickest bud ever.but every place got good bud and bad bud.fuck all u bad bud smokers u smokin dirt cuz.montreal norths in the building straight out the c.a

  • yo’ dat some nasty shittt i’ve seen better in middle school.. Fuck her rich ass, can’t even buyt good shit

  • That looks like some Schwag weed that the crack heads smoke in the hood when they dont got rock.
    Paris go find some better bud… that shit will give you a headache.

  • Looks more like truffles, a variety of the magic mushroom…
    Definately does not look like weed.

  • i av had sum prity shit weed lately but that stuff looks like , well i dont rearly know , i looks like moss or some kind of fungass any way its up to her if she wants to smoke weed so stop fuking exploiting her , YOU FUKING PEDOES!!!

  • that does not look like weed ive ever seen… it might be roach weed but with all the money she has why would she buy that?

  • thats boogz , shes a loser , she couldnt even go buy goods , she got beat , someone told her thats goods and she prolly paid like 50 beans for it , typical asshole , that someone could beat … thats like a 10 of shitty asss bud … she got beat from her connect lol what a loser …and the bud in the north east is banging , sorry LA

  • wtf r u shopping for in CO i get the bomb out here u just got to no where to find it and teach them to trust u nigga many ppl been ripped off out here and i u walk around asking u gunna get a dime for 20 and the ” oh this is the bomb dont worry its good the good shit” which is BS

  • that looks like shit she needs to be smokin’ oregon bud not that brown ass shit. fuck

  • Im going to have to agree, you can get brown weed that is cured right and it will knock you on your ass.

    and what if its wet? you know dipped in PCP? Wouldnt matter if it was shwag then!

    and the mushrooms I eat arent brown so I dont know what fucking mushrooms you guys are eating.

  • shes a stupid bitch buying kaka in phx we the bomb.fresh from sinaloa.

  • i dont thing that paris been smoking that brown shit if is weed she got it at ny ,,,,,,,,, w.c

  • thats most defintly not weed unless see liek poored water on it and left it in a bag o mold for christ sack thats no even in buds and i am 100 percent sure thats not what weed looks like grinded and i gotta say la bud cant even compare to bc bud to dont be talkin about canadain kronic

    • you are a fucking idiot my friend. i bet the LA shit is 10 times bettter than your average bc bluff bullshit you got..and its jewlery in the bag you mindless drones STOP BELIEVEING EVERYTHING YOU SEE OR HEAR

      • comon now realy? Bc Bluff shit? you clearly dont know shit about canada or dope because we have some of the best shit around the world

    • yeah even I get greener shit then her and im only 16!

      i would think celebrities have the hookups.

  • that is either shrooms or some bad fuckin weed im from mass and i see shit better than that. besides celebreties eat all that weird shit to make them skinny and shit like that that could be it but if not its ground shrooms or some shit people grind it up so you get less and dont know it

  • even a twelve year old like me knows thats not weed, its either cofee beans or shrooms, retards

  • nl made snoop dogg go down after 5 fuckin joints, in cali we got that one hitta quitta make big bitch dogg sit on his ass the rest of the fuckin day. None of u bitches smoke anything more than shitty ass mech or pretendo.

  • haha men american weeds just suck, come here in Europe! you’ll get some of the dutch green stuff!

  • wow…people are fucking dumb… the best weed comes from amsterdam no doubt…but i be gettin some dank shyt in upstate NY…u see we got NYC Buffalo and Canada runnin shyt thru here, and if anyone wanna say shyt I AM THE BIGGEST POTHEAD ON HERE lol… who else can say they smoke a minimum of an ounce of haze a week? not 2 many people, and what is up with everyone sayin snoop dogg can only handle some of there weed or something? it’s not like the man is a huge pothead.. hell I probably smoke more than him cuz I stay smokin ALL DAY EVERY DAY ya hurdme and thats defintily bud she got cuz the bitch is a fuckin idiot, I sell that dirty ass butthole fuckin brown poopy shit weed to people who are new to smokin trees and believe me, when you find someone with money you make ill bread and I got a feeling whoever paris got that dirt from is makin som illbody breadstacks

    • you sound like an idiot ass 14 yo that just watched a movie with drugs in it ..talking about running “shyt” through Buffalo from canada ..bro im from Carthage..NY and i know where it comes from….and canada aint the place to get your shit from. and as far as smoking an ounce of haze a week you said yourself you sell shitty ass dirt so your obviously blowin blunts of garbage just like paris and if you were smart youd sell the good stop talking like your some gangster before i have to beat you down with my illbody breadstacks you fucking douche bag

    • WOW…it’s people like you that give pot smokers a bad name…you’re so fuckin cool cause you fight about who is the biggest pothead….but you sound like a fuckin idiot! Weed isn’t about your wannabe gangster “shyt” or making “illbody breadstacks” it’s about peace and love and acceptance. The stoner lifestyle is about enjoying the weed-simple as that. Not trying to rip people off when you sell because you think your’e a badass, instead why don’t you just smoke the good stuff with your friends and enjoy life instead of trying to be some wannabe hardass “gangster”? There. Now stop being dumb.

    • I think you are even dumberer =D Amsterdam has some good ganj but that isn’ t the shit, that’s all for tourists like you. The best ganj you find in the other citys whole around the country (The Netherlands) I know this because I am living wright next to that country and I can tell u its heaven on earth

  • legal bud…

    There’ s a new twist in the Budvar sale story. As most readers of these pages are probably already well aware, BudÄ›jovický Budvar (pictured above) is the last brewery to remain Czech national property and its privatization seems to be proposed abou…

  • yo drake…thanks for that link and that dude who says he smokes an once of haze a week….your a fucking poser…i meen you couldnt afford that much and you wouldnt have inuf brain cells to find your dumbass to the computer to post that –i–

  • Sometimes running cold water or warm water will help soothe a sudden itch and you can’ t get a hold of any creams, lotions or ointments. I happen to find cold water helps soothe itches on my limbs, but soaking in a warm tub helps best for soothing sudden itches of the… erm… nether regions. You definitley don’ t want to sit in ice cold water. That will not encourage your body to relax.

  • fukin ass hole…………………… ive always nown…………………………………………………… she is a slut bitch and a whore ……………………….. and she is cheating on madden

  • I have a shit load of salvia and that is NOT salvia. salvia is dark and is definitely not red. it’s dark green to black. plus its just different it’s leaves not buds or whatever the fuck she’s got in that bag lol. if you ask me it’s some fuckin skank as weed for a skank ass cunt.

    take it easy fuckers

  • For people who supposedly smoke weed you don’t know much!

    One of you sayin nah it’s definately not must be shrooms or hash blud!

    Hash is just another name for weed..stop growing weed and grow a brain!

    • umm hash is a concentrated form of marijuana where you take the keif (golden colored trichome material that comes off the bud) compress it and heat it to form it into a solid little mass of THC goodness… so I’m just saying, you are wrong it’s not just another name for weed.. its another form of weed.. its basically like weed crack..

  • i thought the exact same thing as everyone else when i saw this
    “what the fuck, is thats even weed i sure as hell hope paris fucking hilton can find better buds than that”.

    if it is hers thats unfortunate and im dissapointed with hollywood, but hit me up ill bomb you up on some chronic paris.

  • Hey bornBlonde you carry your name well……weed is weed and Hash is hash….2 different things….but yes they came from the same plant. But saying both are the same is like saying Cognac is the same as beer both contains alcohool but they dont get you drunk the same way….go smoke some stuff and then maybe you can comment.

    By the way the best stuff to smoke commes from Canada especially the Quebec province, weed generate 2 billions each year alone in the province. Indoor M39 all year yeah.

  • BornBlonde tell me what hash look like and how its made mouhahaha bet you dont know cause you wouldnt have posted your stupid remark calling put smoker ignorant….you are the ignorant.

  • wow i read all of these comments and there were a few stupids ones but then i read BornBlones comment, and that was the stupidist one of them all, seriously i live for weed and hash and salvia, and i loooooovvvveee it, but when someone makes a comment like that it makes me want to fucking freakk, BornBitch go smoke some weed and hash and some salvia(L)(L)(L) and thentell me if yor still skeptical, andto everyone thats hash, it cant be weed because its toooo brown and itsnot black so its not in any cannibus oil so it has to be hash, but then again it could be salvia, but then again i could be wrongover all but w.e BornBlonde just shut the FUCK UP, and leave the comments about pot to the pot smokers. PEACE

  • Marijuana comes in TONS of different shades of purple green,brown, etc.
    The Color Doesnt Really Have Much To Do With Potency.
    Did Any of You Think Maybe her Weed Is Just Like Better And different then any of us normal people?
    Shes Famous.
    Shes Got Plenty of hook ups.
    It could possibly be hash though.

  • and yes i agree with Pot 4 life,
    Not Only That its Most likely Hash,
    But BornBlonde, your talking about growing a brain and shit?
    TWO hits of hash, your quite high.
    Two hits of weed?
    Aint shit.
    Hash and weed and two very different things.
    Fucking Blondes.

  • Why does everyone alway’s get in other Peoples shit, Serisously
    All of ya’ll are lame Bastardo’s.

  • first of all, all the people who have made the effort to leave a comment sayin “its not your business” or blah blah sumthing similiar to dat… fuck off. why have u even made the effort just to say dat.
    secondly… everyone who is like “ohh LA has the best weed” or wherever…. WHY ARE YOU SMOKING WEED?!?! GET YOURSELF SOME FUCKING SKUNK!!! 420tk and pot for life are pretty much on the right track. whatever paris has in her purse looks like SHIT “weed”… and someone else commented she probably doesnt know wot it is and smokin it to b kool and probably got ripped off…. you my friend are probably right, cos i wudnt pay for dat crap in her bag.

    and last of all……… amster-fuckin-dam has the best “weed”… end of…

  • This is a very cost efficient alternative to smoking. Its also probably one of the easiest routes to edible cannabis out there. I’ve been making batches of these for years now, and i’ve cut back on smoking by a significant amount. The high lasts a lot longer than smoking, and is a lot more of a physical, sedating high.

  • to anonymous, may 12 ’08: you’re a complete bellend. you get through an ounce a week? it shows through your spelling and general linguistic quality. if you really were a proper smoker you wouldn’t let it fuck you up and you’d still be able to process a lucid paragraph of speech. you’re a complete dick for selling shit stuff to people who have never really had experience of smoking “trees.” i smoked a tree once. didn’t do much… ha. amsterdam weed is great, no doubt about it. to anyone that says that’s hash in the bag, for crying out loud who would have ground hash? you get it in blocks, it’d just be tedious to grind a load of that up. all i can say is, paris hilton is an obnoxious, fame-crazed media whore with no talent other than being able to fuck any guy she likes in the entire world. and film it on nightvision. rock ‘n’ roll.

  • Jesus Christ, is everybody on here 12 years old or something? You guys are all arguing over who has the best weed and who smokes the most weed- it’s fuckin ridiculous. “Anonymous (May 12, 2008)”- you are a fuckin retard. You’re obviously a kid because only kids have the mentality of “the more weed I smoke, the cooler I am”. That’s the kinda shit junior high kids say to impress their friends. If you really go through an ounce of haze a week, you waste far too much money, time, and brain power and you don’t deserve to smoke weed because you’re obviously not responsible with it at all. You’re giving all pot consumers a bad name. A real pot smoker knows when to call it good. As for the shit in Paris’s purse- it could be weed, I have seen and smoked weed that looked that wierd. But it could just as easily be something else. Just because she has a baggie of some shit in her purse doesn’t automatically means it’s drugs. And if it is, more power to her. Better to see her with some weed or hash than an 8-ball of meth or some stupid shit like that.

  • the only weed i have seen that looks like that is tystick, i dont smoke it that much but powerplant is where its at and its grown mainly in europe

  • The best weed is undoubtedly NOT grown in the Netherlands, sure they grow some nice weed but its not the best. The best weed the the weed you grow yourself. Dunno if it was this thread with the comment about G-13, you CAN NOT get G-13 plants unless you have a clone from the origonal mother, its is much like English Cheese, it will NEVER seed as there is only a female plant, every other generation has come from cuttings from the original mother, anyone claiming to be selling you the G-13 or Cheese seeds are lying and trying to pass off a cross using a different male.

    Agreed that weed does look like Thai or maybe Jamaican, their local strains can have almost purple/black foliage.

    Just my 2p’s worth.

  • definitely not weed…it looks like tobacco honestly, maybe she uses it to roll spliffs. people give me little bags of tobacco to try out, for rolling yr own or spliffs or something… it really doesn’t look like weed. I guess it might be some weird brown shit but the thai stick that i’ve seen doesn’t even look like that. big deal over nothing!


  • HAHA thats def not shrooms. looks like some reggie thats been broke down. dont know why she would be smokin that dirty shit

  • listen to you little punks i smoke moree weed blah blah blah i smoke alot of weed but i dont brag about it i enjoy it and dont get fucki stupid get your heads straight and as far as paris is concerned she got skanked. Come to england and try our stuff bout 200 miles from amsterdam and its easy to get back

  • hahahahah you are funny hahaha

    shit man u people think that when u smoke ure something
    the shit that u smoke is not worth to smoke
    the % of THC is to low in youre weed
    SO come to the netherlands and enjoy of the generations of growing a nice plant and i have lived in the us for 5 years en in canada for 3 and smoke 40 years so i know where ia m talking about

  • K, I’m not sure if people type looking down or what. But damn, at least pretend like you went to school. Now, about the pot, I’m a casual smoker, and I prefer to smoke socially. Smoking alone is fun and all but I end up having too many conversations with myself in my head lol. I smoked green about an hour ago, and got on here to browse the celeb slips, and stumbled upon this noob conversation. The bottom line: weed is not a drug, meth, a.k.a “shit” is a drug. That’s why I stick to ganj, it’s even safer than aclohol. Trust me, I know from experience, driving after smoking weed is 100% safer than after smashing down some THIQ…all in all, THC>THIQ ;-) happy smoking my friends.

  • Alright, someone plz break down my comment and bust my balls so I fit in :-)

    P.S. I agree with those that state; it’s not abt how much or what kind. It’s the traditional ceremony and togetherness that weed offers. How do you think historical Native Americans kept peace so well? They discussed things in a circle while passing the peace pipe. Before they could start arguing they were scarfing down buffalo stew!
    Thank you Natives for solidifying weeds purpose, growing corn, and casinos in Oklahoma hehe

  • There’s a shitload of idiots in this fucking discussion, I can tell you that much. Whatever Paris has in her purse, I’m pretty convinced it isn’t mushrooms. I live in a blessed part of the country where psilocybin mushrooms grow wild and abundantly. I’ve picked and experienced about two pounds worth of mushrooms, and mushrooms those ain’t.

    Come to Bethany, West Virginia and experience the truth, ladies and gentleman.

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