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Paris Hilton Wears Blue-Tinted Contacts

The girl has brown eyes. She wears blue-tinted contacts.

On occasion, I do enjoy perusing the various celeb photo sites and looking at the great big huge versions of the ‘razzi photos, where you can see every last scar, concealed pimple, and odd tattoo, before they get shrunk and airbrushed for general use. It makes me feel better about myself. Okay?

So today I’m looking through VMA photos, trying to find more things wrong with Paris Hilton, because I do that with my Saturday sometimes when my TiVo’s not working, and I noticed something odd about her eyes. They’re brown. That blue coloring is obviously a contact. You can see the great big huge version of the photo above here (click on it to make it really, really big). She also missed two small hairs in her underarm.

For the love of God, will someone invite me to a party tonight or something?

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