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Lindsay Takes Her PR into Her Own Hands

Let’s face it: Leslie Sloan Zelnick has her hands full these days. So where’s a misbehaving starlet to turn when she needs some spin and she needs it now?

Perez Hilton, clearly.

She sent him this email yesterday:

From: [XXXXXXXX]To: Perez Hilton Subject:
Re: Yooo
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 23:23:59 +0000

Almost witnessed 3kids being hit by paparazzi…. Never in my life hadan expirience as I just did with the paparazzi. I am not kidding I amshaking, cannot breathe a bit, scared, anxious and sad. If someonedoesn’t feel bad, than I will feel bad for myself. It is disgusting whatthese g-d damn people are doing to me. As well as the people in my life that I work with/for. Its vulgar and I’m saddened for myself.

And, ANY of those willing to fall into judging me in any way in thefuture, or past. Can watch the video tapes that these men/women take ofme while they are being invasive towards my DAY off…. Which I neverhave anymore. (Send that to Morgan Creek)

G-d Bless.xxl

It was thoughtful of Lindsay to scare off any rumors that the Morgan Creek letter was just a hoax. Take that, Zelnick.

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