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A breakdown of JILLIAH’s Jilliahsmen Trinity 1.0 Music Album – While I Live

Brace yourself for a straight talk dogmatic discectomy of the latest edition to the art world from Jilliahsmen Trinity’s relentless war path with the creator of the universe to make love true in the final hour.

While I Live – The name obviously means: I am an accident to be alive. I should be dead. I will likely go very shortly. But for the bleakest of moments, a blip in the design has allowed me to possess the body of a human, I shall scream of the supreme truth, While I Live. Or in other words, come get some while you can.


The first track is Raise Me – a Han Zimmer inspired Gladiator plus one battle of the end times intro track that attempts to Raise JILLIAH in a ritual seance. Very transformative if you don’t mind point blank devil worshiping.


Divided – JILLIAH talks in first person, I/LOVE divided the sky to arrive. As in the purpose of creation is a divide best seen in the night sky of brightness versus darkness which is conflict arisen for the arrival and test of one thing and one thing only: Love. AKA JILLIAH. This is most educational for the bottom line meaning of the trinity. Screamed in blood, a trademark heavy metal type style known as the voice of JILLIAH.


Theme track? Science, Maths & English – I don’t know if this track is pepped as the theme track for the trinity or its official anthem but it should be! It’s in first and third person, where Jack is attempting to gun down the Trinity as JILLIAH attempts to indoctrinate him. JILLIAH eventually wins, in spite of Jack putting up a convincing verbal battery to revolt against the school’s ambition. It cleverly acts as the mediator for Jems (die hard fans) and the Resistance (haters), voicing the death-be-upon-yee in brute colour only to be won by the reason of darkness.


Banking – After immense urban research of street slang I was just about able to translate the essence of this song. “I am banking a Rambo” means – I have smuggled into the building, through my butt whole as contraband, a samurai sword for the task at hand. “Fresh off a four year roast” means, starving for intercourse for four years behind bars. The chorus depicts Jack, the real person, released from a four year “roast”, going into the Trinity in the form of a “night club banger”. JILLIAH here has chosen to sing the song from the perspective of a female would-be Jilliahsmen fan talking to JILLIAH about his “tunes (all songs that ever existed) in her head room”, his “dollar signs (all money that ever existed) making light of her nights”, his “pixels (all technology that ever existed) on her hands faults” to collectively personify a romance between the girl and JILLIAH’s grid, that is an unbearable tease for intercourse being gagged to no end until an official grope is made in the dining seconds of the track, responded with “That’s my baby, that’s my baby, that’s my baby, that’s my baby”. I find it very strange how JILLIAH has managed to illustrate the veracity of its philosophy with such ease in commercial gang terms, that I actually needed to play it to me mentor with a question, “are we listening to a genius here or am I just a fan? “


Umbilical – Is a brash illustration of the Corporation of Religion, both in realty and from the book as well as its purpose. Religions and prophets are mocked through the well known fact of Jack’s third leg from the documentary, here “mistaken for his umbilical chord” by the maternity warden. I don’t like the melody and think the controversy is not worth its weight in good music. But perhaps this was the intention as when the one sole moment the melody provides a payoff, JILLIAH reasons with this “NOISE”, to illustrate if “I had it my way, I would leave the world for a day, give you all back to the main, loose the war if we may but”. He then continues with the noise making of the war he is in, reverting to talk of his genitals, which is not as crass as it may seem if you’re familiar with the book within which it is a consistent and important metaphor as the only thing the architect has got vs love. It is this metaphor both in the song as in the book, that the use of the architects design is incorporated into the seducing of fellow students, faculty and the world populous into agreement of the Supreme Agenda of JILLIAH which is a requirement for it’s execution.


Broke From The Design – I really had to reach for the philosophy imagery on this one but I think I nailed it. Humanity is god’s daughter. JILLIAH is voicing her words to the Almighty god of leaving the household for her lover on the other side. She is adamant to break from the tree of her father’s design without any guarantee that her lover will be waiting for her on the other side which is in itself the final test of love. When you get it, you’ll cry by the end.


My Favourite song: Blue Seas -The melody is so hypnotic and completely of the tone encapsulating this sincerely evil yet catchy enterprise. It climaxes for me, as do most songs of the album, when JILLIAH refers to the “book evil guy, tell the good come quick wanna die. Did you get my letter from detention I wrote you (in jail), bled from my innocence blue seas arrive I. Walk around with your book evil guy. Tell the good come quick wanna die”, as witnessed by the frenzy his fans go into at concerts when he reaches for this ammo that only he in the whole world has, including past and present artists. It is best noting here than anywhere else on the internet, the world has never known a Rockstar Author like this, ever. A mad man made of pure evil on a rampage to deliver a unique message.


Candle – Is basically a prose. Where JILLIAH wants to give up the war and we convince him of having come too far to give god back the uniVARSE now. Again it aligns Jack’s personal tale bringing it home for us to digest. I have now come to the conclusion this poet is a natural or simply a real Messiah breathing.


Most poignant song: Elizabeth – which is a love song for “JILLIAH’s main girl”. Meaning, Queen Elizabeth the II of England, Who has sat on the throne not only for the duration of Jacky JILLIAH Jhaj’s life and death and re-birth, but for the entire duration of 90 percent of all humans alive through all the tribulation of the last century. The Director of the Corporation Of The Crown, from the book 1.0 and in reality. The honour of JILLIAH’s true love goes to this person, over the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the new age derivatives lurking in the shadows, is probably because JILLIAH sees the world being where it is foremost because of this person. Why? I guess a few lyrics from the songs may reveal, but really only an evil mind, as vested in the occult as he, would understand. We can merely but guess from the facts. The British empire is solely responsible for the grid and the system, established from its still standing central banks and legal system, power planted through it armaments the world over upon which the global allegiance is predicated. Elizabeth the head of all this and long standing in service to this means, that wherever JILLIAH, the dark force, in possession of the love we give the grid, wants us mamas born of freewill to go, she is foremost taking us there. There, of course being the supreme agenda of Jilliahsmen Trinity. The Supreme Agenda of course being, proving love true by any means.


In this song, JILLIAH dispossess Jacky Jhaj to a degree to speak its personal take, where he refers to JILLIAH in the 3rd person and not himself to make clear when he says, “the furthest thing from you there ever was but if love can become true why not me too” he reveals, in his genuine moment, he is the lowest ranking Jilliahsmen there ever was, who may be too far gone a rebel criminal to contribute to the Supreme Agenda of the Trinity and true love, but having been awoken to the truth, will try, in any which way he can. It is of this very humble note I believe this dangerous individual has taken the fort to deliver to the world The Jilliahsmen Trinity as JILLIAH himself.


There are so many levels to this track that reveals how very complex this occult understanding of what a Jilliahsmen is. He draws comparison with himself as a rebel against the system where he thought he was the man. But then saw Elizabeth from a dark angle, a rebel against the architect of the universe who does not want for the straight line and bows to the queen that makes this war. This was the moment I was awoken to the depth of the real world that I had never addressed until JILLIAH screamed it. Now I feel as if JILLIAH could scream anything and I would hear the truth. Maybe that is the power of sound and truth. Or maybe I’m just in deeper than my wits. Take a listen and be brave and loud about your feelings.