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Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., pleads not guilty in assault case

It’s been a really turbulent time for Wendy Williams, and I know seeing her son Kevin jr face charges for assaulting her soon to be ex husband is chief among her stresses.

According to TMZ, the 18 year old was in a New Jersey court on Tuesday for his arraignment following his May 21 arrest for getting into a brawl with his father outside of Krauszer’s Food Stores in West Orange. Hunter Jr. wore a white button-down shirt without a tie and black slacks for the appearance.

The prosecutor reportedly asked for more time to review the case, and no action was taken.

Page 6 had reported that the fight broke out after Kevin jr called his father “a bitch”, causing Kevin Sr. to strike his son “with a closed fist to the face,” which Kevin Sr. later denied.

The two were separated by a bystander, and then Kevin Jr. proceeded to call his mother, who was not present at the scene.