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The Moment Jared Leto Fell in Love With the Elf Jacket

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There’s this great meme that isn’t really a meme, but more a throwback Thursday of Jared Leto, everyone’s favorite Joker / Heart throb from My So Called Life, obscure artist, character actor, international rockstar, Oscar winner and woman seducer…falling in love with the insane Gucci jacket he wore to his first real Blockbuster premiere.

Sure, he is likely being paid by Gucci to wear their clothing, he’s a top celebrity why would he do that for free. Especially with all this press. However, I am sure no one told him or orchestrated the look on his face to be excited like a teenage boy on his first date to the drive in, if you know what I mean.

He clearly, genuinely, loves this damn Elf coat and that is hilarious.


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  • He fell in love with the Elf Jacket ever since his Uncle took him into the basement and read him “The Sword Of Shannara Trilogy” books.