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Amber Heard sets her sights on biggest payout yet!

The brutally attractive Amber Heard is only in the early stages of fleecing her last victim, Johnny Depp, but she seems to “pounce back” faster than most and has been seen kanoodling with billionaire Elon Musk.  Proof that even the brilliant among us can fall prey to a pretty face and statuesque bod.

While there’s no solid proof (who needs proof? Gossip is all speculation.) the two are snogging like school kids, I gotta thing either way Depp is glad to have her out of his hair for the moment. Just don’t go accusing Elon of abuse, b/c he can literally shoot you into space.



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  • Johnny Depp has issues like most of the Star world, yet you side with him over a
    woman who may have been abused by him.
    We don’t know what happened behind closed doors with any of these two and why
    do you make rush judgements on her character.
    Without knowing who Johnny really is behind closed doors, or judging him the same.