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Usher charges his phone in a woman’s vagina

usher phone

If that headline confused you, don’t worry – you’re not alone! How do you charge a phone in a woman’s vagina and why would Usher do such a thing? Well, apparently the phone charger herself is a performance artist who wanted to show the relationship between technology and human dependency and I guess that was the way to do it?

Usher actually paid $20 for 10 minutes of charge (which is tacky and kinda takes any “art” out of it, I think – not that it’s art to begin with, in my opinion) and distinguished art fans were all standing around watching this whole thing, so… yeah. This happened.

I love that Usher is looking at it like he’s never seen a vagina before. Go figure.

Thanks, as usual, to TMZ for being on the ground and ready to get that hard-hitting news when it matters most!

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