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Because I Know You’re Wondering What Courtney Stodden Did for Thanksgiving

photo of courtney stodden thanksgiving peta eat no turkey pictures
And if you thought she might have maybe, I don’t know, done something totally crazy like eat turkey on a holiday where turkey is traditionally consumed, you’d be dead wrong. Because that photo up there? Well it was specifically for PETA’s “Eat No Turkey” campaign. And that’s what Courtney Stodden did this Thanksgiving, you guys. In those heels.

Were your Thanksgivings anything like Courtney’s? Did you spit in PETA’s eye and eat turkey? Did you hop on board the no-turkey train? Or did you just wear the heels in all of your holiday preparation?

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  • I didn’t have turkey this Thanksgiving but only because it wasn’t kosher. Otherwise I’d have stuffed my face. Oh well.

  • Hell yeah I ate turkey! And why oh why does she only have ONE pair of shoes, and ill-fitting, trashy ones at that?

  • After I made the meal, I only had enough time to get my hair half as tall as hers. Combined with the heels, it did reach the ceiling (got tangled in the chandelier a few times) but I still felt inadequate. Probably because I don’t have those sad, dead eyes.

  • I made the most delicious vegan lentil loaf with a ridiculously amazing glaze. My family of meat-eaters ALL had seconds. So no, I didn’t eat turkey…but Courtney Stodden is still ridiculous.

  • I never thought I’d see the day we’d get recipes on Evil Beet Gossip! Love that!

    On the Courtney thing, she has made me realize there is a sexy scale. Once you reach the peak on the scale, the in-your-face sexuality actually diminishes your sexiness. Courtney is so young that she doesn’t yet understand that being sexy has nothing to do with standing in whore gear. She is the definition of “unsexy.” Clowns aren’t sexy. Even naked clowns.

  • Well I ate food from the canteen at the school where I teach, since here in England we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Other than that, look at her face!! She looks like she hates what she is doing.