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Love It or Leave It: Demi Lovato’s Barbie Hair

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Don’t know, guys. I just don’t know. Demi Lovato‘s look has really been lost on me lately, and I find myself having nothing good to say about her aside from, “Hey, she’s still pretty.” But can I say that she looked better while she was hooked on some Fez dong, if that’s not too far over the line? Because she looked better while she was hooked on some Fez dong. That blue she tried to pull off back in July? Not great. And it might have actually worked if it didn’t look like she did it herself. With Kool-Aid. That shit just looked so cheap, and it definitely did her no favors. Girl’s just got some serious history with hair problems, and we’ll leave it at that. Some things you just can’t get past, and for Demi, it’s the hair.

This is Demi Lovato’s latest “I’m the young, hip ingenue on X-Factor look!” that’s been going solidly sour since she joined the crew back in … I don’t know, whenever. Demi Lovato’s boringness saps me of all will to delve further into Demi Lovato-ness, and that’s sad.

As I said, I don’t know, guys. I’m going to stamp this one “dull” and shuffle it to the bottom of the ‘revisit in six months’ pile.

(You’re still pretty, though, Demi, OK?)

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