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Forbes Released Their Top 10 Highest-Paid Performers List

And without frilly filler, here’s the list:

#10:photo of dave matthews band pictures photos

Dave Matthews Band
I cannot believe people still go to see these guys. Talk about staying power! I mean, I thought for sure that they’d stick around for the few years in high school that I can remember, but wow. Good on you, guys.

#9: photo of justin bieber pictures photos

Justin Bieber
Well that’s just great. Justin Bieber on the Highest Paid list. I guess I’m not all that surprised, but I’m not all that excited, either.

#8: photo of the eagles band pictures photos

The Eagles
Super. A band from forty years ago that’s managed to stay relevant. That never happens or anything. Where are the Stones in this Top 10?

#7:photo of black eyed peas pictures photos

Black Eyed Peas
Makes sense. The BEPs play every function known to man (Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve, Superbowl, whatever). It’s just amazing to me that ‘My Humps’ was really THAT POPULAR.

#6:photo of paul mccartney pictures photos

Paul McCartney
A Beatle that’s not Ringo Starr WOULD have to be on this list. Enough said.

#5:photo of michael buble pictures photos

Michael Buble
I’m just shocked that Buble’s even on this list. I like Mike, he’s great, but I just didn’t realize he was all that popular.

Jump in for the rest …

#4: photo of lady gaga pictures photos

Lady Gaga
Totally unsurprising. I thought she’d be, like, number one though. She does have all those little monsters and what not.

#3: photo of elton john pictures photos

Elton John
Elton John will ALWAYS make this list – it doesn’t matter how old he is. Also, have you SEEN the price of his tickets? Elton John would be on this list even if three people came to his show. Enough said.

#2: photo of bon jovi pictures photos

Bon Jovi
Um, what? Really? Bon Jovi? OK. That one kind of throws me for a loop, but alright. He’s cool, he’s fun. But he’s Bon Jovi. At number two.

#1:photo of u2 pictures photos

Again, unsurprising. U2’s been around forever, and they’re probably one of the best bands in recent history. These guys are going to be like The Beatles one day, just without the assassination hopefully.

There you have it, folks!