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It’s a Britney Spears 10 Year Aniversary Megamix to Celebrate Her Glee Episode, Y’all

Britney Spears 10 Year Aniversary Megamix

Britney’s episode of Glee is airing tonight and though I don’t watch that obnoxious show (I’ve never seen it, I don’t know where this hatred is coming from), I will be DVRing the shit out of that bitch. Can’t freakin’ wait. To celebrate, let’s all download and listen to this Megamix I found while eating macaroni and cheese and surfing the Internet at midnight last night.

It’s been a bumpy ride for me and Britney. When she first hit the scene, as a fourteen year old high school freshman with braces, I was more threatened than empowered by her. I would say things to my mom in the car like, “Britney Spears is such a skank! I hate her! She’s so pointless and her music sucks. She can’t even sing. Remember when we watched her on Oprah and she couldn’t even sing? And she’s not that pretty.”

Because yeah, even though I supposedly totally hated her, I totally watched her on Oprah. Because no one’s ever been able to keep their eyes off Britney Spears. Busted tracks or not, she’s always going to be the boss bitch in the room. I think I began to accept that in college. That’s what you go to college for, you know.

I raise my mid-day margarita to you, Britney.

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