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Summer of Death 2010: And the Beat Goes On …

photo of news anchor ted koppel standing in front of nightline news program backdrop

So we’ve had Paul Gray of SlipknotGary Coleman, the much-revered Dennis Hopper, musical icon Lena Horne, Black Sabbath rocker Ronnie Dio, political analyst and insider David Ginsburg, Brittany Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack and lifelong TV personality Art Linkletter, just to name a few — and all before the summer solstice. Craziness and total sadness.

However, something I’m completely not sad for? The latest SOD victim: Andrew Koppel. You might not recognize his name, because he’s just affiliated with someone famous (dude just so happens to be son of mega television news anchor Ted Koppel), but he was found dead early this morning in a New York City apartment after what some called a “day-long drinking binge.” Way to commemorate America’s fallen heroes by doing something so fucking stupid and drinking yourself to death in just one day. Great.

I’m sorry; I know I probably sound like a total douchey bitch over this, but I have no remorse or sympathy for people who engage in this kind of behavior. Most people have a hard time drinking themselves to death over a period of years or even a lifetime, but not this guy. Dumb ass does it in one day. Koppel was said to be drinking straight whiskey all damned day and yet, he totally expected to wake up the following morning.

Koppel was joined by some waiter at one point during the day, who hung out with him during his “pub-crawl.” Russell Wimberly, the Washington Heights-living waiter, claimed that Koppel seemed on a mission to get drunk; between bar stops, Wimberly stated that Koppel sipped from a bottle of Jameson. When Koppel became too inebriated to do anything but crash, Wimberly brought him back to his apartment, which he shared with a live-in girlfriend. The couple put Koppel to bed in order to sleep it off, but found him unresponsive a few hours later, not breathing. Koppel had also pissed and shit himself in the bed.

I’m desperately sorry to this idiot’s girlfriend and child, both left behind and who also reside in NYC. I’m also sorry for Ted Koppel, who seems like a solid dude and a former resident of Nazi Germany, who fled to the states for a better life, secured and defended by the American government and its soldiers. I’m sure he was happy to observe Memorial Day by learning of his son’s death-by-stupidity.

Just goes to show, money can’t buy you class. Or reservation.

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  • Well he had a decades-long battle with alcoholism, so day-long bender aside, I think Andrew Koppel was a very sick man.

  • Completely insensitive.
    Andrew could have had a mental illness (it appears so).
    This post is actually incredibly offensive.

  • Wow… You are incredibly self-righteous and insensitive. The man is dead. Your rant will only be seen by grieving family members. Way to go…I really thought by your lead in that this guy was some sort of rapist or murderer or hate monger, but no.. He was just a guy with a massive drinking problem who had no (real)intention of offing himself.. Nice… Score on the douche canoe board for you…

  • Yeah I pretty much agree with what’s been said previously. He has had problems with alcohol, you should have researched that before writing. And to be honest, even if he hadn’t you’ve still been a class A douche in this piece. The guy’s death is tragic, it doesn’t matter if it was ‘his own doing’ or whatever. You have no idea what kind of state of mind he was in at the time. People don’t go on day long benders just because they’re stupid. He was clearly not a well man and I hope you’re ashamed of yourself.

  • I have been trying to think of something that adequately shows how incredibly appalled I am with the insensitivity displayed in this post; but I am absolutely flabbergasted. As someone who is married to a man who is a recovering alcoholic, I was there when he went on three day drinking binges. I watched him struggle with it for years, and it took everything I had to stay with him and support him through his battle. Alcoholism is a horrible sickness and usually a life long struggle, which frequently ends in tragedy like this if not treated. I cannot fully express how sickened I am by this post.

  • I disagree with most of the other commenters. Just because someone drinks alot doesn’t mean they have mental issues and no where on the internet says this guy had mental problems. Whoever said there was a history of mental illness was wrong and why because the guy was a hothead? Doesn’t automatically mean mental illness. The guy had a family and a young child and left them this legacy. it is embarrassing. If he had a mental illness, i can understand and sympathize with the man, but if he was just a raging alcoholic he was drinking himself to death in light of the fact that he had a family to care for and be there for and that’s nothing short of selfish and stupid.

    • I haven’t read a comment that said there was a history of mental illness? But I personally believe that alcoholism or any addiction is a form of mental illness. Without knowing how or why they guy got himself into this position then I don’t think it’s fair to judge either way to be honest. (I’m not having a go at you by the way)

  • First post I really cared enough about to comment. I hope you realize how disrespectful your post is eventually. Who are you to judge?

  • Yeah, just saying adieu….

    Will no longer be reading anything on this website ever again.


  • Disgusting lack of sensitivity. Both my husband and I are done with your site. It’s happened before. Did you really have to go that far? Gross.

  • Get rid of Sarah before the Beet loses all it’s readers. This is by far the worst post ever and this chick is going to kill your site.

  • I will use plain english: You are a fucking asshole, Sarah. An insensitive fucking asshole.

  • I know everyone else has bashed your post, but I’m still gonna give my two cents. “Koppel was said to be drinking straight whiskey all damned day and yet, he totally expected to wake up the following morning.” How do you know? SERIOUSLY…How do you know ? Your probably living in your mental-illness free, healthy little life…so who would expect you to know how he feels or how they think or functions or how the things look through his eyes. Try taking a walk in his shoes. Just by reading what you previously wrote , it’s so obvious that you have no fucking idea. You’ll never have to hear that thoughts that run through someone who has a mental illness, addiction or just someone who’s fucking depressed head. All you know is that he died from alcohol poisoning…

    • yeah, and what about all those people who binge drink (occasionally or once in a blue moon) do you think they expect to die from a night of booze?? the snarky comments in the post didn’t bother me as much as your self righteous assumptions sarah

  • You’ve already apologized for this post so I won’t mention it, just thought I’d add my two cents. I love this site and I love reading the posts on here, but the other commentators have a good point concerning your writing style.

    When I flipped back and looked at some previous Evil Beet postings just now, I made the realization that basically every post lately that was super bitchy, in bad taste or just plain mean has been written by you. My advice, along with many other readers is to simply try to be a little less cunty you write. Or quit.

    Also that “homely hag” that Adrien Brody is dating is a lot better looking than you, or most of the viewership of this site I’m sure, myself included.


    • I completely agree. Incredibly insensitive- I am not a fan anymore and really disagree with Sarah as a writer here.

  • Personally I take significantly more offense to the people posting comments on this posting than I do by the post itself. The lack of constructive feedback is shameful. Telling someone to be “Less Cunty” is pathetic. I personally love Sarah she’s sassy and writes to my inner cynic. If her style was such an issue I’m sure it would be addressed.
    The truth of the matter is this is an opinion blog It’s not advertised as a PC editorial nor do people really care if they loose a few dozen page hits. I for one will continue to recommend this blog to my friends.

  • i can’t even imagine what kind of person wouldn’t even think twice about posting something like this on the www. JUST ICK.

  • Wow. There are times when I don’t agree with what’s said on this site, and there are times when I think Sarah takes things a bit far. However, perhaps it’s because I grew up around an alcoholic, but I actually agree with Sarah’s post. In fact, had I written it, it probably would have been ten times more scathing. Some people may view alcoholism as a disease, but at one point, you have to choose to pick up the bottle, and from there on out, you choose not to seek help. You let the bottle control you and the lives of your loved ones. Andrew Koppel was a weak a-hole who drank himself to death, which was senseless, cruel, and IDIOTIC. He had no value for his life, for the lives of his girlfriend and child, or his family and friends. If he saw himself as so worthless, why should we see him as any different? Had he accidentally killed someone else as a result of his drunkenness, would Sarah’s post be as offensive? For those of you tearing Sarah down like she’s some sort of deity who isn’t allowed opinions of her own, calm the eff down. She’s entitled to her own opinion. If you don’t like it, move on. After all, this is “Evil Beet Celebrity Gossip” not “Evil Beet Holier-than-thou Hour.”

  • While I think the post was a bit insensitive, you are all hypocrites. Everyone spews the same shit about Lindsay Lohan (and countless other celebs with drug problems) on a daily basis, but I guess that is excusable since she is (they are) still living. It’s like once someone dies, nobody can say what they are really thinking.

    I am a recovering alcoholic and could’ve easily Ted-Koppel’s-son-ed myself too, but I was just lucky enough not to…I’m fair game to bag on for my former drunken antics. I know I was an asshole, regardless of my “status” as an addict. If I want sensitivity, I will call my shrink. Get some thicker skin people–hello, this site’s sole purpose is for this kind of irreverent shit.

    Sarah, don’t edit yourself or apologize. Fuck ’em.

    • the point i think most people are getting at is its not Koppel himself who will read this and be insulted or hurt by it. it will be his family and loved ones. hello? fuckin respect? and yeah, there is alot of shit put out there by everyone about lohan and whomever else. maybe we should curb that. even if we are just callin them on their shit. how many people who have died lately have been from overdoses with depression involved? you dont think the media or all the shit everyone spouts has no part in it. thick skin,yeah cool thats a good thing to have now a days. but come on now. like i said. respect. somethings just are not called for. and that was 1. think of a loved 1 you know that has passed. now think about someone writing about them like that. kinda stings huh?

      • Actually, no it doesn’t sting because I don’t rely on people I don’t know to dictate my feelings. My own father died in part because of drugs and alcohol and I don’t give two shits about what other people will say–mainly because it doesn’t define him, me or anyone else. I believe in free speech, and free speech ain’t always pretty, chica. RIP Pops.

      • word. my cousin died when we were younger and alot of people talked about it. it hurt ME. im saying this as a person, not as a reply to anything. it may not hurt you. because you are right about what you said. but not everyone is like you. it hurt me and i feel for the families who have to read things about the ones they love.

  • ummm. wow. yeah. i agree with pretty much all of the above. you did apologize, which i commend you for. its hard to say your sorry sometimes and im glad you stepped up . but only after people complained. i love how at the end of the story there is a warning label on how to leave a comment and NOT look like an ass and i think maybe you should go ahead and read that. when i read the posts here i can tell if its you or molly just by the style. it would seem like you and perez wrote together. not good baybay. i hope you can change your bitchness in the submits or maybe this type of work is not cut out for you.

    • if i was hard on that reply i apoligize. i was responding more to my own past, the people i have lost, and the crap that i had to put up with on some of their deaths. thats all. so please forgive me if i was harsh myself.

  • WOW. I come to this site for opinion, be it sassy, snarky, sympathetic, or sad, or hilarious. Get over it people, its an opinion piece. Sarah isn’t writing and reporting for a major newspaper. I appreciate your perspective on this problem, and you recognize that you’re being harsh. If you can’t handle this kind of writing, go watch CNN!!

  • Sarah I think you done just fine. Ppl do need to get a thicker skin. I think that what you said strikes a nerve with ppl because they don’t like being forced to admit the truth of their own (and loves ones) flaws and addictions and whatnot. Boo hoo people. Come on!

  • Using the example of Michael K on Dlisted, a gossip blogger can be edgy, witty, snarky, rude and irreverent and still not be whatever this post was.

  • I hadn’t planned on commenting, but then I read the other comments and felt the need. Truthfully, I wasn’t particularly offended by Sarah’s post, but I say that knowing that nobody close to me has ever had or died from an alcohol problem. So I have to respect the perspective of the people who were offended, because I expect people to give me consideration when I’m offended by something. It’s a tragic and personal issue and I think people have every right to take a negative view on this post, be offended by it, and voice their displeasure.

    That being said, Sarah apologized and I don’t think the apology is any less meaningful because it happened after people complained. Writing is difficult, despite what most people on the internet seem to think. I think writing on a blog is even more worse. Sometimes it’s hard to look back on what you write and see any potential issues with it, that’s why editors are important. You’re exposing yourself and your opinions in a way that I have always had a secret terror of doing. You make mistakes, a lot of people will dislike what you write, and disagree with you, and if you’re smart you take what positive elements you can from that. In this case I think Sarah looked at her own writing from a different perspective and felt bad about it.

    In response to the rather melodramatic idea Sarah is somehow ruining this site, I would just like to say, it is a ridiculous thing to claim. If you don’t want to read it fine, but there are other writers contributing, and, more importantly you most of you don’t seem to have realized until this post that you have a problem with the way Sarah writes. So it looks like until someone says something nasty about something you have a serious personal stake in, or opinion on, you really don’t care if they’re habitually “bitchy” about other things.

    Also, I know a lot of you read this stuff especially for the snark, the bitchiness, the scathing remarks, however you want to define it. I do. Nobody seems to have a problem reading the many ranting posts out there by Sarah and many others on any other day of the week. I’m not saying this to defend the sentiments Sarah expressed, but if we’re asking for content like this, and cheering it on in most other contexts (I think someone mentioned Lindsay Lohan, for example) then we should be a little more understanding when a writer posts something that might take it a bit too far, or is otherwise thoughtless in any way. It’s tough to filter on a keyboard, as most people who leave comments should very-well fucking know.

    What I’m trying to get across here is that every single one of you who are calling for Sarah’s job, and judging her from your righteous little towers of holier-than-thou bullshit should remember that you think nasty little thoughts too. I guarantee if the world could hear your inner-monologue people would think you were a heartless jerk for the judgments you make on the people around you too. Just because you don’t post those opinions on the internet doesn’t mean you don’t have them, and doesn’t make you somehow better than Sarah, or people who agree with her. We all have our asshole moments, and apparently this was one of Sarah’s.

    Sarah, I think writing for an audience is scary and I’m guessing you felt like a bit of an ass after this post. I hate that feeling, so I hope you don’t dwell on it, and just learn whatever lesson you felt this taught you and keep writing.

    • i thought you made a very good point. im only 32 and i’ve lost 17 people in the last 16 years. yep. almost 1 year. i think you said it best when you said quite simply, “I have to respect the perspective of the people who were offended, because I expect people to give me consideration when I’m offended by something.” and that is where i was going with my comment in general and to the one made by Jennifer. i was just asking for some respect IN THIS PARTICULAR SUBJECT. and yes, respect the dead.

  • Hopefully Sarah, you’re “harsh” and “insensitive” post will drive away the people that can’t handle the truth. It is so infuriating to read that you “have crossed the line”. Who the hell are they to decide where the line lies? Freedom of speech is freedom of speech PERIOD!!!! It is your responsibility to act or not on that speech or disagree but don’t act holier-than-thou. Koppel made a choice, don’t punish Sarah because she called him out. Let’s talk about the family that was hurt. You don’t think they feel the same way. They’re asking themselves the same question. What the FUCK was he thinking. When people comment that they are not going to read this site anymore, stop wasting time by leaving a comment and just get your ass gone. I do have so say I’m a little pissed that you apologized Sarah. You’re paid for your opinion, don’t apologize for that. I love Evil Beet, tell all my friends and say keep the shitty, crass, distasteful posts coming. That’s what makes this site sooooo AMAZING!!!! Love you Sarah, Molls (although you need a grammar check on your computer) and above all Sasha!!! If you are offended by this site, then exercise your right and stop reading it, but don’t ruin it for the rest of us that appreciate it!

    And P.S. Go fuck yourselves you self-righteous pieces of shit. You are what threatens peoples rights on a daily basis!

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